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.50 anyone???

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  • .50 anyone???

    Just wondering if any of you folks wish to visit some about .50's you have known? ;-)

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    I'd like to find a place close to Dallas where I can shoot mine. Does that count?
    My weapon can kill, it isn't limited to mere assault


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      I have 10 acres I shoot my .50 at. I need to find someone with a bulldozer to make my backdrop bigger though


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        Ran around 8 rounds thru one the other day on our range here. Decided to wait until the Jard four way adjustable trigger arrives. The current stock trigger was effecting groupings to exceed a couple inches at 100 yards. For a long range cannon that is unacceptable unless you wish to rotiller the land around your target at 4-5 bucks per round rather than hitting it with the first 5 buck shot.

        This model simply attached to where your AR-15 upper was. Ready to rock and roll. Very well machined and a much much lower cost to put together than any other .50 we know of.


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          I'd love to hear a report on the accuracy once you can get it dialed in. I have a Serbu and love it, but would like to have a second 50 at a reasonable price but the accuracy has to be there.
          My weapon can kill, it isn't limited to mere assault


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            Glad to report..I will include a photo of the target and at what range. It might be a couple weeks though.


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              the .50 weve got is blackpowder and takes a patched roundball,44 grains of 2FF and will accurately make a headshot on a deer at 124 yards(we measured :D)...i guess yalluns are talkin bigger


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                Correct you are. My .54 black powder is very tight at 100 yards..a couple inches. We are referring to a .50 that has effective ranges to the well trained sniper out to a couple thousand yards... ranges black powder shooters only dream about ;-)


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                  I have a .50 cal Big Grizzly and love it


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                    I am considering the bohica, maybe a shorter barreled version to complement the serbu, which is pretty long.

                    Besides, anything that mounts on an AR lower is a candidate to add to the collection (except that crossbow I saw once)
                    My weapon can kill, it isn't limited to mere assault


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                      A very good friend of mine got one of the first beasts out. We shot it all one afternoon in Arizona on public land in the western part of the state. Had a great time. Shot 5 plastic gallon buckets full of water with lids on. Sure knew when we hit one a just over 1400 yards. I wish I could afford one or build one. I have seen a couple of homemade ones, but never have got to fire another one.