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Stolen military gear

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  • Stolen military gear

    Hey guys ive got a question theres a fellow on saleing forum selling surefire weaponlights and he lives off base and he works for the army he saleing a weaponlight 125.00 and he has more then one do you think he stole them from the base or are they fake?:confused:
    Honey its just the cats, Put that @#$%ing thing away!

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    My gut says stolen!! Being caught with stolen government goods in not a good scenario for anyone.
    The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government." -- Thomas Jefferson


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      :eek:Yea thats what i figured hes got his hands in uncle sams cookie jar.
      Honey its just the cats, Put that @#$%ing thing away!


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        uhhhh why can't he buy and sell them or trade with buddies or may have bought a few for his weapons? I know lots of guys in the military with 20 + private weapons macked out with everything. What's to say it's not a side business etc etc

        Your title here SERIOUSLY jumps to conclusions

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          Good point

          I thought of that to but i emailed and asked him how many he had he said one and he got that as a gift but my buddy got one from him and then he didnt remove it from the sale post so i emailed from another email account and got the same story. So its must be a business with aload of bs.
          Honey its just the cats, Put that @#$%ing thing away!


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            Military Equip

            Becareful here, it would be great news to be able to "Bust" a few of us for buying "Stolen" Military Equipment. It isn't worth it. Setup or a dumAss looking to get Court Marshalled.


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              You check it out of supply, you check it back in! (simple as that) Your Kabar, compass, goose gear, hell even my feild jacket came out of the Supply and went back in.
              However you could always go up to Siagon Sams and get the stuff. If you did not turn it back in, you lost it? It came out of your check. It was cheaper to go to Saigon Sams, purchase it and turn it into Supply. Be carful..
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                could be a government plant to try to bust us all.they do moneter these sites!


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                  All of my gear came home with me. They had me clear Supply before my personal effects came home so I wound up with quite a bit of my gear