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Thinking of getting a new rifle. Insights?

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    Just an update. I looked at alot of rifles. And I think I have it narrowed down to the Remington 700 VLS or the FN Patrol Bolt Rifle. I havent got to fire either of these yet so I havent decided what to get and I got a little side tracked looking at 1911s:)


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      I bought a Rem. 700 ADL in 30/06 and a Winchester 1400 turkey gun both for $300.Guy went broke and offered them to a buddy of mine.My buddy works in a factory and has a reputation for buying guns so whenever someone comes up a little short on cash they look him up.Just ask around and shop around a couple of gun shows and I bet you can come up with a 700 for under $300. Last show I went to there was a guy walking around with a Savage bolt action in .308 and I had him talked down to $150.Lots of deals out there now because a lot of people are broke.


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        I can understand the allure of tacing out a weapon, it does look "cool", but in these times, I cant see the practicality of doing so. Money spent on the "goodies" can go to more important things in this hard time. But, it is ones choice to do what they want. I prefer the .308 for reaching out there. Have a Browning A-bolt and a converted K98 w/ Isreali barrel in this caliber. Both with good scopes. No problem hitting my target at 500+ yards with either rifle.
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          My Remington 700 30-06 cost me ~400 and is a great shooter. It's bone stock with the synthetic furniture, but plenty of fun can be had buying toys for it at and elsewhere I'm sure. Great rifle. Gonna leave it stock, probably, since I'm having so much fun upgrading my PSL-54C :)

          Haven't been able to shoot her much as of late since the damned 30-06 is so expensive and hard to find around here.


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            Oh, and the Mosin Nagant is not a bad choice at this point in time either if you're interested in picking up an accurate bolt action rifle that you can 'trick out'. Not to mention that 7.62x54R ammunition is falling off of trucks right now for ~$0.20 per round *and* is readily available... 4 rounds in the internal mag and one in the chamber, this is pretty close to 30-06 and if you shoot the LPS ~150 grain stuff, it won't dislocate your shoulder.

            Just throwing that out there. You can aquire a Nagant plus several hundred rounds for less than $300.00.

            Also, as far as optics are concerned, I would, personally, recommend you get quite comfy with hitting targets using iron sights at ~400 meters and then move on to training with optics. Again, this is my personal opinion.