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Chicago Firearms Law???

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  • Chicago Firearms Law???

    Does any of our LEO friends know the gun(or antigun) laws in Illinois. My wife is pushing me to agree to a move there to raise our daughter near family. A good friend of mine said the state was a no gun period state, but my searchs keep talking about a FOID and it looks like I can own most of my toys, but can't conceal carry. Wanted to see if anyone knows for sure. My wife was a little upset when I told her this could be a deal breaker, but this seems a bit unconstitutional if true, but Obama did come from that area and they are not quite sure what the constitution is anyway. Thanks.
    He who lives with the most toys, wins.

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    I think your real choice goes like this Wife? Gun? Wife? Gun?
    You'll figure it out.
    I have relatives that live there and they are making plans to move away from there very soon, already bought acreage in North Central Arkansas.

    "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow the fields of those who don't."-Thomas Jefferson