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Any of you heard of HR 8051??

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    That's the one! The tall men did have a way of disappearing in those necks of the woods.


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      There is a huge population of deer here and not many hunters. At night, we see them browsing alongside the road.
      IMO, the steep terrain is one of the reasons; followed by the thickness of the forest and lastly is the huge poisonous snake population.


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        Yes Nope Ropes will chill most people if they are even aware they are there. Years ago l came home with the remains of one in my rear wheel of my mc.


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          A guy who hunts locally wears snake boots and snake gaiters. He said with the steep hills a snake's strike will be above the snake boots. He bought the gaiters because he was bit; fortunately for him, it was a dry bite or no venom was injected.

          I don't know anything about Canada's VA. I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and kept the same phone number. The VA uses 2 step identification; first you login and they send a 6 digit number that is entered in the next screen. They wouldn't accept my new provider; so, I played jump through hoops for about an hour. After everything was straightened out; I said screw it and left, LOL


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            It's about the same, I get really frustrated when it's jump through the hoops time. Fortunately as someone who's been dropped on my head alot I learned to go straight to the "local" center, it's 1.5 hours away. I claim fuel, and lunch for the trip and don't get most of the bs. Still get some but a lot less.


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              Here, the jump through hoops depends on the VA site. Also, the competence of each VA Hospital (mothership) and satellite varies and unfortunately, greatly.

              Although I should have until 2016, I never went to the VA. At the time, we lived near Columbus, NC. The VA satellite in Spartanburg SC was a real lot closer than VA Hospital near Asheville, NC.
              After we moved to Georgia, I thought it would be best to transfer to Georgia's VA and I checked with Ruth, a VA Advocate. She called me and asked if I was already in the VA system. I said yes and she asked where? I answered SC and her answer was if I was you; I'd stay with the SC VA.
              So, I went to the VA satellite in Anderson, SC, After speaking with the doctor, I realized just how good Ruth's advice was...
              Here, each State's VA has a mothership hospital and satellite offices. SC's mothership is WJB-Dorn Hospital that is over 200 miles. If I need an operation etc.; my VA doctor will contact local to me doctors, surgeons or whatever to setup the appointment and the VA pays.
              I owe Ruth, the VA advocate for her advice.


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                Here in Florida the VA is setup around a VA hospital about 1.5 hours away. So for most things they approve local doctors, and specialities. I do not travel more then 5 miles for any services. Of course it helps that my injuries were the results of enemy actions.


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                  Mine are a mix, unfortunately so it makes things that are in the grey area problematic.


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                    From page 1 of this thread...

                    I disagree Army Jimbo....

                    Yup, but be glad it hasn't gotten to the THX 1138 state yet.

                    We are already there at THX1138 and beyond.

                    Think about how many people you know who have what amounts to a movie and television education.

                    We know this because when we ask many people a deep thought and it requires some thinking and analysis...or experiential knowledge they will often respond with something they saw in a movie or on television....

                    These people have no real experience or knowledge of their original thoughts...outside of movies and or television....

                    The very very scary thing is that these people are voters!!!!

                    So many of these people are robots ...and know it not. Just emote them a little bit and the regurgitate the predictable emotional second hand response...someone else's response/thoughts programmed into thinking required. They have been turned into robotic Ishmaelites..and know it not.

                    Part of that Android police force today is a lying deceitful news media to reinforce the controls over us and work to suppress individual thinking and initiative...robots..stamped out xerox copies...of the same predictable nonsense.

                    Movies and Television can be a very very powerful seductive drug for many people ....a drug of choice....

                    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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                      I can agree with your slant. Bread and circuses . drugs, tv, and welfare .


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                        One of the problems is too many people trust our news media. That is similar to trusting a coiled rattling timber rattler not to bite.

                        Those people don't think, nor question, their mistake is they foolishly trust. A church friend was shocked to learn Biden would not be seeking another term.

                        OT, I disagree their response is more the production of being brainwashed by our leftist educators.

                        This nation has become a place where the insane are running the asylum.


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                          by Tugaloo....

                          OT, I disagree their response is more the production of being brainwashed by our leftist educators.

                          This nation has become a place where the insane are running the asylum.

                          I don 't think we disagree here Tugaloo.

                          There is something very very insane about an educational system that would worry about the sex lives of kindergardeners.....young children.....
                          And at the same time filling their minds with government sponsored, promoted, and approved racism in the form of Critical Race Theory. And yet failing our children and by this the basic Three R's...of education.

                          As a very very good and wise woman told me....may she rest in peace.....with all this modern sex ed....they are literally stealing the childhood from our children.....and thus bringing them into adulthood before their time. A very wise woman. I will remember her the rest of my days...

                          That too is a definition of insanity...

                          My non Ishmaelite .02,
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                            We don't disagree OT.

                            Messing with kids' minds isn't right.
                            A (p)resident threatening the American people with F15s is grounds for impeachment. Biden is so paranoid with a small picked audience, he had armed military behind him. Slow Joe never had a set only a big mouth.

                            We've had a lot of rain here. In the last 48 hours 4.49" and a lot of water heading our way from the North.


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                              Be safe one flooded member is one too many!


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                                We are more than a few hundred feet of elevation above any possible risks. However, there is only one paved road in or out of here. There are old unused fire trails and logging roads; if one knows about them.