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Army, air force, busy fielding new sniper rifles

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  • Army, air force, busy fielding new sniper rifles

    Some new sniper platforms are surprising and some are as expected.

    The military has been upgrading its standard precision rifles at a steady pace, phasing out a hodgepodge of platforms that date back to the Cold War.

    To make it easier:
    Barrett MK22

    The HK417

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    The M22 looks good


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      With one tool, barrels can be easily changed to .338 Norma mag, .300 Norma Mag or 7.62 NATO.

      I am curious why the .338 Lapua and .300 Win mag missed the boat. It could be more barrel life?

      Our military has a habit of planning for the next war using the lessons learned in the last war.


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        I can think of a place in Europe currently, where they could be trialed and the bugs wiggled out of them.


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          The big thing for these is the users ability. Both for shooting and fieldcraft, both are integral to make them work more than once. The aggressors are returning to WW II tactics of steel rain. reports are leaking of 40,000 + rounds a day are appearing in useage reports. The new M777 are coming with rounds yes, but the ER & LGM (laser guided munitions) are not being included. The M777 can double their distance with the ER and with the CopperHead LGM it can reduce error to under 10 m.


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            I'd bet the bugs have been ironed out and tempering the steel in combat may need some tweaks..

            Methinks, the aggressors have a WWII mindset which is their weakness.
            Most sane militaries concentrate on military targets. The Russians have concentrated on civilian targets until Ukraine sank the Moskva (Moscow); after that, Russia targeted the Ukrainian factory that made the missiles.

            We gave the Ukrainians manpacks; as a result, the Russian aircraft fire their missiles from inside Russian territory. Had we gave them S300s; those aircraft would have been destroyed.
            If someone is shooting at you from their property; it is common sense to shoot back from your property into theirs.. It's obvious the idiot in charge doesn't get that.

            If our foolish one wouldn't have abandoned $85 billion in Afghanistan; all weaponry would have been greatly appreciated in Ukraine.



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              Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
              The big thing for these is the users ability. Both for shooting and fieldcraft, both are integral to make them work more than once.
              What you wrote "shooting and fieldcraft" are the keys to unsupported field sniping. There is a huge difference between shooting from a company sized perimeter as compared to a sniper and spotter on their own in the enemy's turf.
              No offense to those who have made fantastically long shots from a company sized perimeter; however, I stand in awe of the sniper teams whose fieldcraft keeps them alive.


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                That's the difference between Designated Marksmen vs Snipers


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                  My bet would be between a DMR and a sniper is the infantry unit accompanying the one and not the other.. ;)

                  Does anyone know who was the sniper had the highest confirmed kills in Vietnam and what weapon did he use?
                  Nope, it's not Carlos Hathcock with 93 kills. It was Staff Sergeant Adelbert Waldron with 103 kills.

                  His weapon was the M21 or NM M14.
                  The optic was super cool and the link explains how it worked..


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                    Correct a DM gets slightly better traing and equipment, snipers get specialized equipment. The M21 vs a Macmillian Tac-50/ Barnett .50 cal. Sure a DM can shoot, but generally cant use it to the fullest potential. One simply point and shoot at the ranges listed. At 2000m a bullet is in the air a long time, you have to figure that in.
                    No single soldier on the battlefield is more revered — or more reviled — than the sniper. From tales of a long shot by The White Feather to tales of the long list of bodies that The White Death left behind, mythic stories of snipers and their seemingly impossible shots have cropped up in every […].


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                      Most modern training, gear and etc. are beyond me.

                      Afghanistan offered a unique environment where with modern equipment outrageously long shots could be made. Those records will stand for a very long time.


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                        Yup complete opposite of Ukraine, way too built up for 2km shots on people. Still good for anti material use, but those don't have the same elan.


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                          During the Korean war using 1903A* Springfield rifles and old trusty the Garand (M1C) shots were made at 900 yards using 2.5X Lyman Alaskan scope, Unertl 8X, and 4X Stith Bear Cub. The Garand scope mounts were offset which raises complexity by a magnitude..


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                            I just seen an interview regarding an ex Canadian afgan vet who was a sniper in the VanDoos that just got back after 2 months in Ukraine. He didn't speak to kindly regarding the kit issued to foreign volunteers, the training of some, or the tactics that they were employing. If you look at it though their is a very big difference between the war in Afghanistan and the war in Ukraine. One involved a majority of infantry style warfare, the other uses a lot of AFV's.


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                              The Ukrainian idea of a kit is an AK, a couple of magazines and extra loose ammo. Maybe add a couple of days training.
                              A volunteer must be 18 y/o and signs a paper. I read a story about an elementary school teacher who volunteered and before the end of her first day; she killed a Russian.
                              Did he expect the long term training we receive in the West?

                              May 9th is Victory Day in Russia. Their Victory Day to Americans is our Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and a little bit of our Fourth of July all wrapped into one.
                              Putin invaded Ukraine on 2/24 with the promise it would be an
                              one-week easy-peasy victorious blitzkrieg. Putin has failed which is not a good thing to do in Russia.
                              Putin has thrown the Chechens and the Wagner Group in and stills lacks any positive results. His AFVs meet Molotov cocktails thrown from windows.