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Joe's Attack on the 2nd admendent

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  • Joe's Attack on the 2nd admendent

    Yesterday Joe stated he wanted to have all weapons confiscated that has a magazine that holds more then one round. Source fox news 07/22/21.

    What does it mean? Well forget all pistols except target one shot, same with shotguns, and rifles.

    Why - he said "it would stop all the gun violence..." . I'm not here to ask your opinion, I can guess that. What I want is how can/will we do about it. If we win this time in court/elections, what about the future 20-30 years from now when they try and try again.

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    His plans include ban ARs, AFA, the 20 million already in circulation will be registered taxed, or ordered surrendered, perhaps with government calculated compensation or maybe confiscated.
    Magazine capacity would be limited and register and tax non-conforming magazines in circulation.
    Every transfer, exchange, loan, trade or gift of a firearm reviewed by federal vetting..
    Do you think ammunition and reloading components are expensive now, just wait and see...

    The list goes on and on.. Do a search or check magazines at grocery stores and buy the one that lists all the Bills in the House.