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  • Wal mart

    Walmart has some shotguns in stock along with 12 slugs and smaller shot. They also had 410 buck in stock

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    my local WM


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      My Walmart has never stopped having shotguns or rifles. Ammo is scarce everywhere around here.



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        I just paid $83 for a box of 500 Winchester 22LR. The gun store said they don't know when or if they will get more in.

        One box of 500 in my safe has a price sticker on it of $19.95. That is a 315% increase. That makes ammo the best investment asset class to own.
        If it was man made it can be man re-made.


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          My neighbor says that ammo for his deer rifle was almost impossible to find.


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            When my Father-In-Law passed many moons ago, My wife and I went to the funeral service and all that. Mother-In-Law says he had a few guns and since I was a gun guy, I get first pick, so I grabbed his 1911 45. One of his sons got a 30-30 over 20ga gun (Can't for the life of me remem.. oh wait, I remember now) Savage 24, other son took a Thompson Contender Black Powder KIT, unassembled.. Mother-in-law sais "Since you know more about guns, you get a 2nd pick. I picked up an M1 Carbine.. She says "Oh, if you take that, these go with it.." and she pointed at 8 ammo cans. I opened one up and it was stuffed full of 20 round mags in cloth bandoliers.. I dang near pissed myself..

            A year later, the one son that got the 30-30 over 20 said "Hey, I'll sell you this "Old" rifle for $75.00" I had my wallet out and the bills in his hand so fast, he dang near bled out from a massive paper cut..

            I think I'm good on the .30 cal for a while..