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    The British equivalent of Walmart is ASDA, in fact at one time it was owned by Walmart, but its much smaller.


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      Now I am talking and or posting on a type of "Political Social Herding" going on out here backed and or accelerated/ promoted by a type of scam...if one is acute sufficient to catch it going on.

      As this is a firearms thread.....think this one through carefully as to it's relationship through the whole spectrum of what is means to be American.....,

      And that connection and link to Americanism is....

      If you cannot be trusted with your firearms and or ammunition...…..

      At what point ...if not already....will you not be trusted with your vote?????

      Find someone, even on the fabled Fox News, who will attempt to get the public to think along this line....they do not dare while trying to herd you politically and socially to not think for yourself.

      Preppers are not particularly liked nor promoted because they tend toward thinking and acting outside of the controlled regulated/herded box and want mostly to be left alone....

      My non Ishmaelite .02,
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        you and your herding!


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          Originally posted by grumpygremlin View Post
          you and your herding!

          You know grumpygremiln….you bring up a good point about herding.....,

          I am going to attempt to flesh its out for the members here who can still think outside the box and in a manner taught to me by Olde Timers.

          People with mostly a television and or movie education are more easily herded by their conditioning to think only and mostly along certain they have seen or learned via movies and or television...

          Often this means some inability to think outside the box..or in this case the television or movie box.

          They have television or movie thoughts....television or movie ideas.....,and emotions....often not their own thoughts, ideas, and or emotions..but concepts and emotions transplanted to them unconsciously via the television and or media ….medium.

          They often vote someone else's thoughts, ideas, and emotions and know it not.

          I know this is true when socializing with others and when asked a question requiring deep thoughts or consideration …..many of them quote a movie or television program they have seen or observed. They are robots.....,.no real life experiences or knowledges.

          The alarming thing to me is that these people are often see!!??

          Agnostic.....without wisdom

          Atheist...….without God...

          Amusement....Amuse......without thinking.,..,.,

          Amuse...Amusement.....something fed to us to prevent thinking...

          Got it now....??

          The letter A in a dictionary often means....without...

          This is how one makes robots...automatons...plant and water them in front of a television set or movie....!!!!

          Controlled...herded ...emotional train wrecks.....also known as "Snowflakes.

          Now....I'd like to see someone on Fox News....the not spinning guys...teach the public this kind of idea.

          They don't dare.


          Not an Ishmaelite


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            The posts that are unapproved are done so automatically. Something with the program when you post a bunch in a short period of time. I see nothing wrong with your posts. Unfortunately, for some reason, my moderator super-powers aren't able to approve them! Haha!

            Working on it!

            I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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              I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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                Buggyout…..thanks for that update.

                I was not aware of those conditions with this site and will remember that.

                Thanks again

                Not an Ishmaelite


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                  About Wal Mart and boycotting them.....

                  The whole notion of boycotting Walmart seems silly. They made a simple business decision and I'll bet it had absolutely nothing to do with their political ideology. Probably a marketing move to make more money.

                  Now I agree with Murphy on this statement of theirs. Their decisions are mostly business decisions and they are an international business and like many are watching their bottom line....

                  I find no fault with any business...

                  If they cannot turn a profit they will not be in business long and their competitors will win out.


                  Here in Hampton , Virginia ...this is one of the worst Wal Marts to which I have been and if not pressed for time will often got to another Store or another Wal Mart rather than suffer the difficulties often experienced here.

                  I have a way of boycotting Wal Mart as well as any other store wherein the customer service and or business falls short on my dime, my time, and my monies.

                  I have done this many times at this Wal Mart and will continue to so do ….in frustration.

                  I simply walk out and leave my cart right there rather than suffer inconvenience on my time, my dime, and my schedule.

                  I can shop in many stores about town and have even done this in BJ's wholesalers when they get a bad case of the Dumb A--.

                  I have learned that my time is a valuable commodity and don't care to be so herded by lousy customer service...a wasting of my time.

                  Used to be that as I was often up in the middle of the nights that became my preferred time to go to Wal Mart or what we call...Wally World.
                  But a number of Wal Marts are no longer 24/7 stores.

                  I just don't care to be so herded.....or run with the crowds at Wally World. It is my way.

                  Oh...and I seldom buy ammo at Wally World and certainly not guns. This is not a registration state. I have bought several guns off the bulletin board at my local gun club.,,,person to middle man and no paperwork.
                  I do this often as possible.

                  Also I like to roll my own ammunition with the exception of .22 long rifle. Hence I seldom buy any ammo at Wal Mart and certainly not guns.

                  Reloading supplies are purchased elsewhere than Wally World.

                  Now to further elaborate on being pressed for time and time being a valuable commodity.

                  I work the second shift from 3:30 pm to midnight and often we are tasked with working 12 hours from 6 pm to 6am.

                  Time can be a valuable commodity for people on these shifts.

                  Many of these people and managers in these stores have no concept of people working such hours wherein time becomes a valuable commodity. They are out to lunch.
                  They are Daywalkers in soul and spirit. They think everyone out here is a DayWalker.,

                  I do not like being so herded by Daywalkers after working the back shifts for so is my way.

                  If I could get my way I'd rather work 11pm to 7am...and avoid most people....period...

                  I'm such a social butterfly.

                  My non Ishmaelite .02,
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                    Murphy and others...……

                    Ever the Victim...more victimization by the left..





                    Ever the Victim …...particularly as a tactic on the left.

                    Wonder how many Victims there are at Wal with someone else's monies earned?????

                    Ishmaelite at work...ever the Victim.

                    My non Ishmaelite .02,


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                      " shopping with someone else's monies earned " is that akin to slavery for the one that earned it?


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                        Bloomberg has come right out and said he was buying all these companies to stop selling guns and ammo i suppose if you have all that kind of money and lean towards socialism you can do just about anything you want


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                          Biggest issue I have with WM ,is that the owners have bought land up near merritt bc then declared the lakes and roads that are PUBLIC to be private. They've been fighting years to keep it that way, after loosing in court they continue to hinder the publics right to access a year later.


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                            The Walmart in Jonesboro,La. has no .22 or center fire ammo of any kind,kind of funny isn’t it? They had a small amount of 12 ga buckshot but that’s it.


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                              Long ago. around 2005 or 2006 I began to notice that Wal Mart was carrying more and more of less and less. For instance herbal tea. At one time there were a couple dozen of flavors of herbal teas. Now there are only five or six at any one time and these are two brands only. I only go to walmart when forced by the unavailability of fresh food I cannot get at my little store closest to my residence. And I do not go in person If I can help it. Someone else pick up the one or two items for me.