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  • To Hell with Walmart...

    I've hated Walmart for a long time and now they have another notch in their support of the progressive left. I hope the rest of the rednecks and backwood hillbilly's like myself all quit shopping there. Let's make them feel it like Dick's did.

    Even if it costs a little more or you have to drive a little further go to a local grocery or store and buy things. They need the business. And if you can't find it local; and I know this isn't a much better choice, but for now go buy it on Amazon or eBay.

    Walmart constantly watches their sales, it's actually a very sophisticated algorithym, let them quickly see what their piss poor choice is going to do to the bottom line and let their investors and board loose for being being spineless, gutless slugs.
    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!

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    I have been weaning my shopping list off Walmartian crap for a while... Well, now I am pulling the plug. Permanently.
    Genius is making a way out of no way.


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      I feel the same way, but I am still a sucker for the low prices. There are enough places close to me that I can make a switch.
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      Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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        I was really shocked when Walmart joined the craziness sweeping some parts of the country.
        They won't need to ban guns if ammo is illegal or impossible to buy.


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          Originally posted by herk7769 View Post
          I was really shocked when Walmart joined the craziness sweeping some parts of the country.
          They won't need to ban guns if ammo is illegal or impossible to buy.
          I wasn't too surprised, but worse than WalMart, in my opinion,
          are the companies and stores that wrote to the Senate
          that "we just have to do something!"

          These are people who would have told Washington
          to send his men home from Valley Forge, before
          someone got hurt. I urge everyone to look at the
          list and see if you recognize any of the weasles.


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            The whole notion of boycotting Walmart seems silly. They made a simple business decision and I'll bet it had absolutely nothing to do with their political ideology. Probably a marketing move to make more money.

            My guess is that the floor space for the guns and ammo and the costs associated with selling that stuff wasn't a big money maker. Businesses are in business to make money, period.. end of story. Doesn't matter if its an insurance company or a grocery store, they're selling something to make money, and if a yellow widget makes more money than a purple widget, they will favor the yellow widget.

            Amazon doesn't even sell guns or ammo and neither does Ebay.. they never have as far as I know. So you want to boycott one business for not selling guns/ammo and go to another (ebay/amazon) business that has never sold guns or ammo? How does that make any sense???

            Besides, why would anyone want guns or ammo from Walmart anyhow? You can find the same stuff online for much cheaper from websites that sell that stuff as their primary bread and butter. Who the heck buys ammo at Walmart? Its like one of the most expensive ways to get it.

            The AR guns are going to be banned.. period. It sucks, but "gun people" are actually a very small demographic of the population and the glorification of violence in our society has created some really wack job mentalities among some folks. While many households have guns of one type or another, the percentage of our population that cherishes the AR for what it is does not make a significant dent in the public opinion. Add to that the carnage that these idiots are creating, and I think its safe to say the AR rifles are going to go bye-bye the next time the democrats have control of both the WH and Congress.

            There is good news.. 1) It is highly likely that SCOTUS will shoot down any ban on the weapons and rule a mandatory buy-back program as unconstitutional. 2) Whatever the democrats do while in power, will most likely be undone when the republicans get power back. So at worst, we see another 10 year ban on the sale of the AR's. 3) There is absolutely no chance of them going door to door. That will never ever happen even if they outlaw the possession of them outright.

            Hold on to your weapons, even if you have to bury them in a PVC pipe. I've been studying our financial system and various others around the world, and have come to the unfortunate conclusion that the next financial collapse is going to be a whopper unlike anything the world has ever seen. We burned up our last bit of reserve in 2008/2009, as did most of the world. We don't have any more spare gas cans in the trunk to get us over the next slump.


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              Guess my point on the walmart issue is I'm not a fan of theirs to start with as being in manufacturing I've seen what their cannibalistic business practices have done to not only smaller competitors but to suppliers as well. On the comparison with online competitors I guess I'd say they never were in the gun business so your right, they have a get of jail free card. If like you say it is a financial driven business decision, the timing of it sure looks to be a knuckling under to the left and gun control crowd.

              Setting that all aside for now, I'd like to speak to your last few sentences. I've heard that same sentiment and sort of came to the same conclusion myself that what is coming will be akin to the great depression but it'll be multitudes worse due to differences between America then and America now. Then people were tough and resilient and knew how to do a lot for them selves. Many people still lived on or around family farms and grew large portions of their food. People knew how to do and fix things for themselves. With our current residents being for the most part soft in skills and the head I think it'll be a horrible reckoning and also will be an open door for the government to move in with more control and oversight. I'm curious based on what you're reading in the tea leaves, when do you foresee the timing for it all to go kaput? I can't make a good read on it but I personally think we won't get more than 7 to 10 years.
              I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!