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    Originally posted by registror View Post

    not true at ALL. Only brain hits are going to stop charges reliably. 100 lb deer sometimes run off with 12 ga slugs thru their chests. So much larger bears are not going to be stopped by chest hits with MUCH less power. Besides, you're 10,000 x (literally) more likely to be attacked by dogs or men than bears, even in "bear country".
    Actually you’re both wrong - there was a study done on pistol defense against bear attacks. Surprisingly pistols were far more effective than anyone thought. As in 90 percent. The most used was a 9mm, but even a .22 was successful. Not in killing the bear, but making it leave. Though they reported a number of kills in the study as well. I forget who did the study, but I’ll try and find it when I’m on my computer. I’m on my iPad at an undisclosed location right now. Lol.