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Gun Control in the USA - Where's It Going?

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  • Gun Control in the USA - Where's It Going?

    decent enough article on the future of gun control in the US - published this last week in the SurvivalBlog ... ... -1-rector/ ... -2-rector/ ... -3-rector/

    chip in response by an Aussie about the current state of gun control in Australia - "Don't Let This Happen to U"

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    Interesting articles. I don't know if I completely agree, but I really liked his analogy of the country changing from a melting pot to a salad bowl. That is a great description.
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      The supreme Court of the US has stepped in, several times since 2008 on this subject. Finally came down, and stated that "...the Government cannot infringe on the rights of citizens to own guns..." Just like it says in the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution. This happened in 2012.

      Now individual states and local governments can put restrictions on ownership of different styles of weapons ( Auto AK/AR, Machine Guns, Rocket launchers, etc). The Federal government handles the class III licenses for all states.