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  • 22/45

    hey I just bought a ruger 22/45,blued, Bull barrel, at a local gun shop. Paid 175, i thought that was a deal for for what i've been seeing online. It is used and has some holster scuff, and little pit spot but nothing real crazy on the underside of the barrel, everything seems to function fine, have'nt had the chance yet to take it out and shoot it but just looking for some feedback, I'll let you know how it shoots once I get the chance.

    Thank You

  • #2
    If it fits you and it runs good, its a good deal in my book.

    a lot of people like the rugers for accurate 22 pistols.

    get magazines, they aren't the easiest to find, a lot of places aren't stocking magazine for 22 pistols, there isn't a lot of demand so pick up a few in case you have a problem with yours. You can find AR15, glock, etc mags anywhere, not the case with 22 pistols I have found (I use a Walther SP22, try and find that in your local gun shop!)
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      Great pistol... I prefer it over the Mark 1/2/3 because of the grip angle. Be advised it takes a different magazine when you stock up...


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      • #4
        I've shot one before, nice gun...
        Quite a bargain for $175.
        Comes stock with adjustable rear sights as I recall.


        • #5
          If it runs well, and I suspect it will, then you got one heck of a deal! I have a couple of 22/45's and more than a couple of II's and III's, and being a Ruger nut, I am slightly biased.
          Nice find!


          • #6
            echoing others- great deal. i have the 8 inch bull barrel with a cheap red dot sight that is a tack driver.


            • #7
              I like the Mark 1/2/3 as well great .22


              • #8
                I own one as well. Great little shooter and very accurate. Enjoy!!!
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