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Winston-Salem NC 3/7 Gunshow

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  • Winston-Salem NC 3/7 Gunshow

    Wow.. What a let down. But such was the climate. It has been at least 2 or 3 years since I went to a show. Ammo is up as everyone here knows it. Hold on to your brass. I am a M1A cat, I saw 2.. (that is all.. 2!) I can recall when I shopped looking a 15 or 20.. Walnut, and other close hard wood stocks. A few Sythics. Today I found a match walnut for $2,300.00. (1,400.00 in 02,03) I can not beleive it. The Standard that I found was at $1,300.00. Jeepers! A few AR uppers and lowers, but thats not on my list. I saw 4 or 5 ruger Mini 14's...
    Glock had a set up...Prices not to to bad..and a few state wide guys had some good prices and lines. Mags are crazy, and they are not just crazy in the long guns. $40.00, for a 8 shot colt or Lamma clip. Glocks "side by side stnd clips were $35.00....
    I think the storm will settle, and our gun buddies will drop their profits to a lower standard. I did gets lots of 9x18.. 50 for $12.00.. silver bear. It was packed last year. I will "Plunk" with it and see how it does. I am sure that it's probably dirty, but on a 380 style frame I will just have to scrub a little harder.. I always have do this..... PF
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    Yeah, those gunshows are getting to be kinda of crazy... You can still find some good deals if you don't get the uber tacticool weapons, but no so much anymore.

    Glad you didn't get mauled by the mobs :D


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