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Rifle caliber dilemma

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    In my situation it was a need or a want to train 2 teenager step daughters how to shoot without investing in another caliber. The best way I thought to do so was build some 22 cal ARs for them. This would give the same feel (except recoil) as a standard AR. While I was developing a training plan for them I decided since I already had a 9mm why not build some 9mm ARs as well. So it has become like stair steps for them and makes it exciting (keeps them interested). They have already been eyeing my ARs and one is drooling over my AR10. There is shotguns and pistols mixed into the plan. I have managed to limit myself to 5 calibers 22, 223, 308, 9mm, 40 and still cover training economically.

    Think about it. If the crap really hit the fan what calibers are you going to find out there on the street.


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      I am also getting a reloading setup for the 308 and 50.

      That should help with the high cost of the heavier stuff.

      Its good to have options.
      My weapon can kill, it isn't limited to mere assault