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  • Glock

    I'm a fairly new member here, but I've noticed that there are alot of military and first responders on this website, so I thought I'd inform everyone of the discounts that GLOCK offers.

    GLOCK offers discounts under their "Homeland Security Program." You can either order through GLOCK (have it shipped to an FFL) or buy from a GLOCK LAW ENFORCEMENT STOCKING DEALER. Persons eligible for this discount are as follows:
    All sworn LEO (state, county and local),
    All Federal LEO,
    All Corrections Officers,
    All retired LEO (with retired credentials),
    State licensed security companies,
    State licensed security officers,
    Active duty Military (all branches),
    Military Reserve -all branches (National Guard, Army Reserve),
    Retired military Personnel,

    Just to give you an idea of savings, the GLOCK's in my area (Fayetteville, NC) For example, a GLOCK 17 (9MM) are anywhere from $489 to over $560!!!. With the discount the GLOCK 17 would be $396.20 and comes with 3 magazines.

    Follow this link to the Team GLOCK website and you can request a free GLOCK Annual 2009 magazine.

    I hope this was helpful to everyone.