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Estimate of Shotgun Value?

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  • Estimate of Shotgun Value?

    May I ask for some advice/opinions?

    I am wanting to know what you think is the value of a shotgun.

    Remington, 12 gauge, single shot, breech load. Wood stock and fore-end, no front sight. Breech lever on top, cocking lever on left side. Marked on top of chamber with "Remington". Marked on side with 3 dates, including 1894 and 1904. Overall condition is estimated to be fair to good.

    Anyone familiar with this make and model of shotgun? Any websites suggested?

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    Sounds like a Model 9, but Remington made several different single-shots. Post a picture if you can. No other markings? I've seen 9's sell between $100-400 in good condition.
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      You can try here...


      • #4, and will show you what the market price is for the gun in that condition, but I will warn you these site are deflating to your wallet if you like firearms.


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          Thanks Guys. I found something pretty close on one of the sites. I think it's a Model 9. That's what I was wanting to know.
          If it looks ignernt, but it works, then it ain't ignernt.