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  • Surplus shooters

    Are there any surplus rifle collectors on the board? I've had several surplus rifles over the past few years, but most have left my hands as quick as they arrived. Only recently has the desire to hoard rifles and ammo been implicated, so far I have aquired a 91/30 mosin nagant ($135), m44 mosin nagant ($125), and a 6.5 italian carcano ($150). I would recommend these rifles to anyone shopping on a budget, they have been completely reliable and the ammo is still pretty cheap. I'll post up some pictures when I get a chance.
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    Hi TL,
    You are correct surplus rifles offer a lot of bang for your buck (no pun intended) I own a 6.5x55mm Swedish mauser , it was made in the early 1900's, unbelievable workmanship, and possibly the most accurate rifle I own, I also have a British Lee Enfield .303, one of the slickest bolt rifles ever and built like a tank! I bought both several years ago anf I believe for less that $200 each. The German model 96 mauser in 9mm mauser are also around at decent prices. All very good weapons on a budget!


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      I have a few different "surplus" rifles that I would never be without in my collection again. An few M44's are a definite must own with a few tins of amo apiece. I like my sks rifles as well and my wife and I both hunt with sporterized 1903A3's. Very accurate guns with very little work. Of course my favorite surplus type rifle is my FAL.


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        Finally got around to taking that picture. top to bottom 6.5 carcano, m44 mosin, and 91/30 mosin.

        Sometimes I wonder if I could live my entire life being the neutral, all observant being. The gray man. We’ll see.


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          great looking guns the m44 and 91/30 are really good shooting guns caint wait to pick me up sum we do need to break out the 6.5 and see what shes got. if it aint raining sat we should do that i wana put a few rounds threw the 7.65 also
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