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    Well, I stopped by a gun store in Winston today. I told the owner I was just looking and he apologized, said he ain't got much to look at. He was down to 4 pistols and a few long guns. He said ammo was leaving much faster than it was coming in. He said he'd received 6 cases of .223 and had one left. I got it. He also said Federal was laying off employees! We both wondered with ammo in such high demand how could they be laying off? He also said some companies were out for the year! This is Feb....very puzzling. I mentioned reloading, he said small primers are getting near impossible to find. I'm not making any of this up nor adding to the story. We talked quite a bit and I walked away with my ammo even more concerned. I wonder if the gov't has put a limit/quota on the manufacturing of ammo? Federal laying off? Something doesn't add up.

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    Well i heard today that some gun dealers are having trouble getting the "forms" they need to complete an FFL sale.
    No forms=no sale=defacto gun ban:mad:
    Another nasty trick to deprive citizens i suppose. When Clinton was Pres. the back ground check system went down very frequently.
    CTHULHU/Dagon 2012


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      Class III sales are taking a minimum of 2 months for the ATF to process. I was going to buy a short barrel for my PS90, now I'm not so sure.


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        Originally posted by barkingowl View Post
        Class III sales are taking a minimum of 2 months for the ATF to process. I was going to buy a short barrel for my PS90, now I'm not so sure.
        I think I need to get on that suppressor I want

        Concealed hangun licenses in TX are supposed to be processed in 60 days and are taking 120 or more, the law says 60 but who are you going to turn the DPS in to?
        My weapon can kill, it isn't limited to mere assault


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          For those in NC looking for a new AR, AK, or other military style rifle, I went by our "big three" here in Fayetteville during lunch: Jims, Phase V, and Guns Plus. All three have a wide variety of rifles in stock, but no Colts, Neveske, or LMT. Lots of DPMS, Rocks, and a good number of BMs. Lots of AKs and SKSs, some FNs and several HK 91 clones. All three said that sales have leveled off on rifles, but was picking up on pistols.
          Nearly every pawn shop in town has an AR wall; GI buys AR, GI meets girl, GI pawns AR to buy girl something nice.
          Saw a lot of 7.62x39 but hardly any 5.56 (Gander has a lot of 5.56)

          Just thought I would share this.

          If your looking for something particular, here are their numbers:
          Jims: 910-864-2270
          Guns Plus: 910-497-2440
          Phase V: 910-484-4867


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            Went by Jims Gun Jobbery today. They have ALOT of ARs in stock and AKs. They also have ALOT of Rem 870s and MB 500s in stock.
            The best: they just received 50 PMAGS.
            The bad: They limited 5 mags per individual, but 5 is better than none, especially since you cannot find them anywhere.
            I am waiting to cash out and another fellow mentions that Gander Mtn has XM193 in stock.
            Off I go to Gander and behold XM193 5.56 in GI style packaging and in the new American Eagle Black Box package. I had to buy some, but limited myself to only 200 rds. As I am checking out, another fellow comes in and bought almost all that was left behind me, almost a thousand rounds.
            I asked him if there had been a zombie sighting and he snickered; we talked for almost a half hour, two retired soldiers not very happy with the way things are; made a new friend.