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    i have two,one for each side......never ever had pro:cool:blem


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      long post

      I tried the XD45, and it did not fit my hands. I have big hands too, and it just didn't feel right.

      Now I do have the XD9mm Sub-compact, and it feels good in my hands, but a bit awkward with the full sized magazine (with finger groves). The barrel is so short that the hand grip is longer. When used with the small carry magazines, it functions fine but my bottom 2 fingers curl under the magazine. Low recoil so it does not bother me or my shooting.

      We don't all seem to know it all, and sometimes having to relearn how do something is harder than learning it right the first time. I have not taken any training courses, but I have had people teach me some things that have improved my shooting greatly. I think training can not hurt. Neither can practice.

      I also have to admit that I have thrown more money into firearms that felt good that I could not shoot at the time of purchase (most gun stores without ranges, and even then the ones that did have ranges didn't offer to let you fire much). That is why I prefer used guns and meeting at my house or a range. If the sellers are honest, they should have no problem letting you shoot the gun, but bring your own factory loaded ammo. I wouldn't let someone test my firearms with their unknown reloads. Also, if it were a show gun, I wouldn't ask to test fire it.

      I have a few glocks. I like they way they feel for me in 9mm or 40 cal. I don't like the larger 45, and have not shot any smaller calibers. I keep my G17 and G34 and keep them close. My G34 shoots better every time I take it out. They don't get broken in until 5000 + rounds. They will last forever if taken care of.

      That brings me to the idea about police officers and guns. Ok, their training guns may malfunction more. Well, look, most have been used for countless years, with hundreds of thousands of rounds, dropped, kicked, wore out magazines, etc. Look at the police cars, I would never buy one of them used because I see how they drive them! Do you think they treat the guns any better? If I buy another police gun, first thing I do is check the magazine, and normally throw it away if it is not a new replacement. Most are worn, bent lips or are cracked.

      Most people will never use a firearm that much or keep one that is worn out to have the problems they do, and most will probably be magazine problems from them being dropped and stepped on often.

      I have hammerless revolvers. I like the Titanium Taurus. I am not sure why it was discontinued, but was told it was because of high production costs. It's small, it's light, it's only 5 shots, but it is a 357 magnum. 38's shoot great in it for practice, and 357 shoots ok, but hurts for extended shooting time. I carry mine because it is so light I can forget I have it. It has a good trigger, and you can still cock the hidden hammer for lighter trigger pull.

      Ok, last 2 items:

      Buy a 22lr and practice. One can never own too many 22lr firearms, nor ammunition. At $15 for 550 bulk packs you can practice the day away for next to nothing. Nice to bring along kids, and let them plink away too. A nice single shot and some tin cans and spinning target will keep them busy all day. I cannot tell you how many thousands of rounds I fire through my 22lr Revolvers, and Ruger pistols. Practice with a 22lr will make it so you don't flinch when you shoot and practice makes perfect!

      Last point, I promise, I know I am long winded on this post.

      My favorite pistol is a Walther P22 - it has interchangeable back straps, sights, and shoots well (look for an A on the magazine for the new production, the older models had problems). They make a 9mm also that is nearly the same, the P99. It's not a cheap gun, but with the changeable back straps you can fit it to any hand. I like the way mine shoots, but I prefer the P22 to the P99. Fit and function, I have never had a problem with either other than bad ammo now and then.

      Someone asked about magazines, and how long they last loaded? Magazines have been found 50 years old + loaded, and still fully functional. The problem is not the magazine springs, but the use. Constant reloading and use wears them out. I have left many magazines loaded, one for 20 years, and the only ones I have had problems with are the Rugers with the coiled springs (the rotary ones are fine also). I had a Colt 1911 magazine that was loaded for 75+ years given to me. We pulled the original ammo out, lubed and cleaned the magazine, put in fresh rounds, and it still functions today.

      Ok, I'll quit now. Love the posters here, some excellent information!


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        oh I've had an XD since I made that post lol :p

        The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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          I bought the Desert Earth XD45 13+1 yesterday at Academy Sports. It has been discontinued in the 5" Barrel 13+1 shot and Academy is selling it for $428.88. It is listed on their website. I have to say, I was very impressed wit hthe accuracy out of the box and it feels really good in the hands.


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            I've had an XD 40 since June of 2003... fired it at least 3,000 times to include dirty, cheap Wolf... not one failure- EVER. I do own 4 glocks, but the XD should not be crossed off anyone's list based on hearsay.


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              But i must add that my .45s are the basic springfield 1911, and the Fn P45. The FN P45 is superb.


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                I own a springfield xd 40, great gun. But my advice would be to wait for the new XD-m 45 to come out. It is going to have a much higher holding capacity. Should be around 15-16 round clips.


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                  There was already one with a 14 shot capacity but Springfield quit building it.
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