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Guys preferred Concealed Carry Weapon.

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  • Guys preferred Concealed Carry Weapon.

    I'm probably going to regret this but I was wondering what everyone considers to be the best Concealed Carry sidearm. Best make, model and caliber (include attached sighting systems) and why you feel the way you do. This isn't exactly what you carry but what you would carry if you could afford it.
    I've carried a Glock for years but if my rich uncle ever gets out of the poor house I would like to get a H&K USP in 40 caliber and add a Viridian C5L green laser sight. Doesn't hurt to dream.....right? :) Besides, Carrying a H&K MP5S is a little bulky.


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    I'm 5' seven, 140#, so my choices of real concealable weapons with a practical energy level are limited.
    I chose a S&W 632 in .327 Federal Magnum.
    Boot & sleeve guns can also be had in this caliber.
    Now if I'm allowed to wear a duster... I'll take a P 90 5.7x28, or my Ranch Hand.
    I'm living your dreams!


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      As an experiment, so I could become familiar with the realities of concealed carry, I carried my Taurus PT-11 .45 for a year. However, it was so cumbersome trying to be a responsible gun owner and try to effectively conceal carry a large frame 45 that I didn’t last six months.

      Every workday I had to leave the firearm in my vehicle. I was reluctant to leave a loaded gun protected by a pane of glass, so I unloaded and locked it each time. I could have purchased a safe for the car, but then I would need one for each vehicle.

      Going out for Friday night fish and a beer required me to leave it at home, because our law says you can’t have any alcohol in your system while in possession of a loaded firearm.

      Trying to actually conceal a 45 is problematic. I don’t normally wear a suit coat or jacket at work, so conceal carrying it under my shirt was pointless; it was not concealed.

      Fully loaded the PT-11 weighs 4 pounds. Having that hang off my belt was unbelievably uncomfortable after only a few days. It has front sights, rear sights, corners, edges, and a safety and hammer, which snagged on everything. My habits had to change, so I did not use my hip to hold open a door while my hands were full. Sitting in my vehicle was uncomfortable due to the extra space the firearm takes up.

      I settled on putting my firearm in my GHB and leaving it in my vehicle. Most of the time I am in a facility that does not allow it anyway, but I can still get to a firearm within a few minutes. It won’t help in a quick draw situation, but it is what it is.
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        More often that not it's my Glock 27 subcompact in .40. though with winter on and wearing heavy and longer jackets I will also go with my Sig 220 in .45acp in an outside the pants holster. Though due to the windbreaker shell over a fleece inner jacket I'd be hard pressed to do much of any kind of fast draw from concealed. I'm trying to find a nice shoulder holster to be more comfortable and easier to draw without breaking the bank, but the search continues

        if they ever chamber the LCP in .45ACP and feed it with a 10 rd mag.... ;) Guess I'll be waiting a while on that one...
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          I carry the Smith & Wesson 642 snubby. Inside the pocket holster. Crimson Trace laser sight. .38 special. DOA , hammerless.

          It is easily concealable. Small, light weight. I prefer a revolver for that purpose: (close quarter self defense) point and shoot. The laser sight came with it. It works fine, but I seriously doubt I would ever have the time to engage it in a life threatening situation. I practice without it, so it is not a concern. It is easy to draw; and no hammer to snag on anything.

          It is accurate although double action is a long trigger pull, and takes some getting used to. It has a five round capacity, and I don't carry any extra ammo on me. I guess I am betting the ranch that those five will get me to my car or out of harm's way.
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            Glock 42 is a wonderful gun .
            Robert W
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              G19 w/ TFOs...normally use a "king tuck" IWB holster, but through most of the winter with the heavier, baggy clothing, I wear OWB in a Balckhawk leather saddle holster.


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                I normally carry a Kel-Tec P3At (380 auto) because it conceals easily. I have 4 different holsters plus a fanny pack. I like the Kel-Tec because it doesn't have the hammer half cock like some others mouse guns and it has the hammer striker plate for added safety. It's a 6+1 with an extra magazine. Also bought the extended mag. caps for both mags. Bought it used (like new) otd for $200.
                Just for grins and giggles, I also have a stainless S&W 638 (38 spl. +P). It is limited to 5 rounds but I have 2 speed loaders. Also have 3 holsters for it (IWB & OWB). The S&W 638 retails for around $430, but after all, it is a Smith.
                For me, the 380 shoots the best with a 4" group at 21'. The 38 spl. is more like 6" group at 21'. Not sure why? Maybe the trigger pull is heavier?? There may be better weapons out there but I'm pleased with both of mine.


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                  I carry a Glock 22 when I go back and forth to work. When I go out to eat, shopping, and just basically running around I carry my Colt 1911. I used to carry my Springfield XD .40 sub compact every where I went but I screwed up and had a friend dura-coat it and now its a memorial gun and I wont carry it.

                  I think it's also a pretty good idea to keep a rifle in your vehicle.


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                    I alternate between and M&P Shield in 9mm and a Kimber Ultra Carry II as my EDC. Firearms are not allowed at work as a general rule but I requested an exception to the rule based on my KSA's and was granted it by the CEO. I don't carry on me at work because the dress code doesn't really allow for it. I have a man purse(maxpedition Mongo Versipack) with a special compartment for a weapon. Normally I use a Bianchi or Galco IWB holster, I am old school and like leather holsters. I prefer a .45 for my pistols but I also have 9mm's because in a true long term SHTF, I think they would be more plentiful. As far as my dream CCW it would be the Kimber that I have. I was fortunate enough to be able to get it after my last deployment.
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                      I do not carry daily,but have a few semi-auto handguns.I am more of a large cal. revolver kind a guy (357mag,45colt).Of the three I have I would prefer my HK USP Compact 357SIG.Feels good in my hand,easy enough to conceal,is accurate, and IMHO gets the job done.After all that's what its all about.


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                        Carried a Gov't Model Colt for years and as pointed out by others can be problematical. Used a Hume Agent 9 for a holster, kept it close to side. Got to be a real pain on commercial aircraft as those seats were designed by a guy that weighs 165 lbs and a Gov't Model and my rib cage just didn't get along but in those days I made the decision that I wanted a 45 w/ 3 mags if it was going to be needed and I would put up with the discomfort. Fortunately never did.

                        I now have a Glock 30 with XS Express Night Sights which the PO had installed and it is the fastest pointing handgun sights I have ever used which is my walking around piece.

                        As a alternative I am kind of looking for a Glock 26. Normally I would not consider a 9MM but the compactness is good and I have 9MM NATO Spec ball ammo I would carry in it. If you have never experienced NATO Spec Ball that will operate a SMG, you have not arrived.

                        As well I have some of the 147 gr. FMJ I was sent for evaluation which was utilized by the Navy in the silenced H&K MP-5. I tested it in several 9MM handguns and it did not function the actions sufficently to pick up follow on rounds reliably thusly I did not recommend it as the MP-5s were not in our inventory thusly I would carry it ONLY AS A CHAMBERED ROUND and the NATO FMJ Ball was follow ons. Maybe I will find a 26 some day.

                        There then are situations that to carry anything but a pocket piece is the only option (in the South, warm/hot weather, with a T shirt and that is a 25 auto which unfortunately has an effective range of about nine inches and it better be delivered dead center above the running lights to be effective. I term such to be mother in law guns which is defined as having enough energy to get your mother in law off your case.

                        Many years ago I had a Herters 357 Mag derringer and that was one fine pocket gun and very accurate and a buddy wanted to try it out and I let him and as he cocked it his thumb slipped off the hammer and when the half cock engaged it broke the sear off and THERE WAS NO PARTS available. Made me sick and still does as I could hit a E silhouette with it at 25 yards ! ! ! ! It was a real handfull to touch off as I could only use two fingers and thumb to hold it and a 158 gr 357 Mag round was not something you wanted to shoot often in it. As I remembered it was made in Germany and I think marketed by Herters??????

                        They are so rare that I have never even seen or heard tell of another.

                        Car guns are a different story. First tier is 357 Mag GP 100s. 3" in both cars, 6" in truck with 222 gr. cast bullets on top of 11 gr. 2400. It chronos 1100 from the 6" and I estimate it would be about 950 from the 3" variants. 2nd tier are rifles from 270 & 30.06 and AR with M855 though the capability drops severely after 95 yards (Army Wound Ballistic Lab findings) with long barrel and my 16" barrel I estimate would reduce that to 75 yards.

                        My testing on car doors is 357 was the only thing that got through the door panels. I suspect the 9MM NATO from a 5" barrel would likely do so but haven't tried it.

                        The only 9MM ammo commercially available the US market I ever found I would carry was the IMI 9MM SMG (black paint on meplat). That stuff was awesome. Have not seen it in years.
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                          Originally posted by countryboy6685 View Post
                          Glock 42 is a wonderful gun .
                          Robert W
                          I just ordered a Glock 43 Its the basically same size and thickness as a 42 but it is in 9 mm instead of 380 . Let you know how I like it after I get it .
                          Robert W
                          Democracy Will Cease To Exist When You Take Away From Those Who Are Willing To Work And Give to Those Who Are Not.-Thomas Jefferson


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                            You older regulars have read my comments on this subject before, so be patient.

                            I don't have any "dream" CCW guns. My carry guns over the past year or so have been a Ruger LCP, Glock 19 w/night sights, and a Ruger SP101 3" bbl in .357 mag. I have carried a Khar CW40 in a Super Tuck IWB and a Glock 28 in a Kydex G-Code paddle holster. I change around according to how I'm dressed and where I'll be going. The LCP slips nicely into a pocket holster or a Smart Carry when I dress in shorts and t-shirt or when I don't want to feel burdened over being armed but still want to be armed, if that makes any sense. That would qualify more as a surprise piece than an intimidation piece I would think. I carry the G19 in that same G-Code holster when its chilly outside and I'm wearing something that covers the Glock. But I ordered a N2 IWB holster for it back last Fall which is very comfortable sitting or standing and I wear it often, sometimes all day even around the house. But I must say that I have grown really fond of that Ruger SP101. I had an open-topped OLD EL PASO leather holster laying around that fit the Ruger perfect for my needs. I've never been much of a revolver guy, but this one has grown on me. I shoot it better than the Glock, and it just feels so right with that Hogue mono-grip. I mostly just carry it around the place because it just feels so good carrying it, fitting snug and tight to my body. *oh, oh... I'm going to excite myself* *laugh* The five-round cylinder has its short-comings, but the power of the round makes up for it.


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                              What about us old irregulars?
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