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anyone who tells you inflation is not a horrific threat is LYING to you.

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  • anyone who tells you inflation is not a horrific threat is LYING to you.

    BIG time

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    Been a while but, when I started work, I put a fair chunk of my monthly 'margin' into Gov.UK 'Save as you Earn' scheme. Pay in for five years, hold for two, tax-free, what could go wrong ?? Yes, a bout of serious inflation, not 'Galloping', certainly NOT 'Hyper'. Which yet reduced its worth to less than one month's pay, after deductions...

    Upside, a decade later, when my wife and I were buying our home, I used that experience to shun a fashionable 'Endowment' mortgage in favour of then-deprecated 'trad' 'Repayment' variety. And, yes, we thus avoided the 'Negative Equity' mayhem when market sank.

    FWIW, UK Freeview TV channels include RT, the Russian mouthpiece. Their skewed take is 'educational' in small doses, if not horribly hilarious: Noticeable that their adverts are heavy on 'buy to rent' and 'buy gold', two purchases guaranteed to leave you in serious trouble if SHTF...


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      gold's a great idea UNTIL things seriously collapse and probably will help again once things clear up, but that might take years. I"d never buy land or a single family residence. they are just money-pits. I have no fear of "re-posession" after shtf. There will be nobody even WANTING to do anything of the kind, much less be able to do it. . There will be no law or any concern for same, about anything. The houses I ve bought all make me far more money than I paid for them, due to VA home loans (no down payment) and their being made into a dozen or more weekly rental rooms per house. 9x7 ft each. IIRC, I got into each one for less than 20k and they each clear me 20k per year or more. By far the best passive investment possible. I dont have complete control over what happens, but i keep my ear very close to the ground about changes in the city or the state and I watch the security videos frequently and video chat with my managers most days.


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        The correct name for inflation is depreciation ...the loss in purchasing power of your money or whatever you are using for money.

        Another thing for the readers here to know...when being scammed on inflation/depreciation by politicians or leaders....

        Nor matter what they teach you in public schools about Taxation......

        A tax for the person subject to it is..."Work you do for which you get no goods or services.."

        Inflation/depreciation is work you do for which you get no goods or services.. ...exactly the same as a tax..

        This is why the early founders of this country often described it as disguised understanding long ago done away with for most of us....that we are never able to connect the dots in history...or even think this far..

        The result is that you are getting taxed twice.....find a phony leader in both political parties who would tell you that....

        How about those phonies on Fox News...they will not tell you that as well. You know the other phonies in the MSM dare not tell you.

        Be warned of people trying to dumb you particular your elected leadership.

        The amount and topics of which they do not want you to think or know would fill volumes...

        My non Ishmaelite .02,
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          Concerning precious metals and in particular Silver...

          Silver is known to be anti bacterial and anti can look this up on the web.

          I do not think someone out there wants us to know or be able to think this far on our own.

          I carry in my Levi's coin pocket three silver dollars...real silver 90% silver dollars and a one one ounce Canadian Maple leaf .999 fine.

          I also carry in my left side pocket the same ...three more silver dollars and a one oz. Canadian Maple leaf..

          I also take my vitamins...D3, C's, and Zinc in addition to a few others.

          I also on occasion take a teaspoon of liquid silver or what is sometimes called colloidal silver...and then spray my mouth with it and also the inside of my mask.

          I was astonished recently to see a bandage dressing with silver on one side of it. First time I'd ever seen that.

          You people decide for yourselves....but I do not think for the most part someone out there wants us to know about the anti bacterial/anti microbial properties of silver.

          I have been in close proximity to four people who tested positive for C19 and have not gotten it. Tested four times as well.

          Good grief...when they stick that thing way up your nose ...seems like they are scrambling your brains..

          Not an Ishmaelite


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            Lived thru the 70's with double digit numbers. It was insane at times. When gas prices went over a dollar, the gas stations had to price it at 1/2 the asking price. You were required to pay double because the pumps would not record over one dollar per gallon. Just one example!


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              Of recent I effected a repair here and one for which I have never attempted.

              I replaced both electric heater elements in my hot water heater. It turned out I had imagined the task more difficult than it actually was.

              But in line with this I am researching an electric hot water heater be stored in my garage.

              Also a replacement 25,000 window air conditioner....also to be stored in my garage.

              I am thinking this with inflation in mind.

              There is thing about inflation seldom told to us or taught in public schools but those learned in inflation....correctly termed that it's ruinous effects on an that it eats up a nations seed corn...

              Put another way....what one produces ...minus what one consumes is how much one has to plant for next year....this is the seed corn.

              What inflation/depreciation does is it destroys the capability to plant next years seed corn.

              What happens over time is that goods and services become scarce and expensive. The ability of a nation and people to produce at a profit becomes more and more difficult and if one does not will take a loss in an unstable economy....because one cannot predict what the purchasing power of the money will be.

              This makes it difficult to sign contracts and hence production and distribution comes to a stop. Business comes to a stop.

              You will not find the experts on the news media telling and teaching this to the general public. This is sometimes called Dumbing the people down.

              But history is replete with this evidence about Inflation/Depreciation.

              Nonetheless this is a longer range obtain these materials and store them until needed.

              Not an Ishmaelite.
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                Some of the inflation was caused by COVID. The price of lumber is an example. Initially, the price didn't increase as the warehouses were filled, but after they emptied the price of lumber soared beyond belief. Due to the stay at home shutdowns, it will be a while before the supply chain is up to speed.
                Although it was not due to COVID, the price of ammunition exploded. Last year's NCS checks set a record at 21,083,643 with 8.4 million first time buyers. With all the manufacturers staying at home, demand exceeded supply. Every new firearm's buyer wanted ammunition
                Some believe cancelling the pipeline was the cause of dino or fossil fuels increasing.

                Locally, some restaurants have closed because they need workers. One owner claims people are staying home to collect unemployment..

                Where will it end is the question.

                From Survival magazine:

                I wonder who the 12% are?
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