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anyone who tells you inflation is not a horrific threat is LYING to you.

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  • anyone who tells you inflation is not a horrific threat is LYING to you.

    BIG time

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    Been a while but, when I started work, I put a fair chunk of my monthly 'margin' into Gov.UK 'Save as you Earn' scheme. Pay in for five years, hold for two, tax-free, what could go wrong ?? Yes, a bout of serious inflation, not 'Galloping', certainly NOT 'Hyper'. Which yet reduced its worth to less than one month's pay, after deductions...

    Upside, a decade later, when my wife and I were buying our home, I used that experience to shun a fashionable 'Endowment' mortgage in favour of then-deprecated 'trad' 'Repayment' variety. And, yes, we thus avoided the 'Negative Equity' mayhem when market sank.

    FWIW, UK Freeview TV channels include RT, the Russian mouthpiece. Their skewed take is 'educational' in small doses, if not horribly hilarious: Noticeable that their adverts are heavy on 'buy to rent' and 'buy gold', two purchases guaranteed to leave you in serious trouble if SHTF...


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      gold's a great idea UNTIL things seriously collapse and probably will help again once things clear up, but that might take years. I"d never buy land or a single family residence. they are just money-pits. I have no fear of "re-posession" after shtf. There will be nobody even WANTING to do anything of the kind, much less be able to do it. . There will be no law or any concern for same, about anything. The houses I ve bought all make me far more money than I paid for them, due to VA home loans (no down payment) and their being made into a dozen or more weekly rental rooms per house. 9x7 ft each. IIRC, I got into each one for less than 20k and they each clear me 20k per year or more. By far the best passive investment possible. I dont have complete control over what happens, but i keep my ear very close to the ground about changes in the city or the state and I watch the security videos frequently and video chat with my managers most days.