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Ooops......We lost all of your MONEY.......we are SORRY.

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  • Ooops......We lost all of your MONEY.......we are SORRY.

    Leverage is fun when it magnifies your profit.....Sucks, when it magnifies your loss.
    One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.

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    Just read that one of the bit-coin systems is in trouble. The operator 'dropped dead', and no-one can find the password(s) to access ~ $150 Million encrypted in his digital vault...


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      Slightly off topic, but does any-one remember an old Scifi tale set on a semi-terraformed Venus, where a previously associated cabal of investors are trying to get access to VERY valuable, certainly embarrassing data etc in a decades-old vault ?

      No keys or dials, the vault design required you to place a highly radio-active Radium source against the sensor box before activation. It had to be Radium, and it had to have a close-tolerance radio-activity level. Time-locking severely restricted attempts. The 'window' on this vault was set tight, and very, very high. The matching source would be hard to get, hard to handle, and extremely valuable in its own right. Of course, it was only 'borrowed' / hired for the occasion...

      Turned out to be a total scam, set up to steal that valuable Radium source...

      This incident was, IIRC, a side-plot in a long-running revenge tale but I cannot remember more...

      Any takers ?