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I put together a dip can EDC

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  • I put together a dip can EDC

    So my hubby dips and dips and we always have tons of dip cans around the house. I decided to make use of them and pack them full of things that might come in handy if something were to happen. Not a whole lot of stuff but a few things that might be good if I get stranded somewhere.

    15 feet of fishing line wrapped up
    Two small hooks
    A few weights
    5 wax dipped matches
    A small blade like you'd find on box cutters
    A couple cotton balls that I doused in alcohol and let dry for tinder( hope they will light. Prob ought to test them)
    Alcohol wipes
    Small bandage
    Needle in case I need a stitch
    Medical emergency ID card (blood type, allergies, emergency contact info, name and address)
    Bobby pin and small metal nail file (lock pick)

    All tucked into one little dip can and stuck in my bag. Not sure what else would be small enough to fit in that might be better to have but open to suggestions.
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    I've made a few from tobacco cans too along with Altoids tins. Just google pocket survival kit and you'll come up with lots of ideas. Some options might be a button compass, signal device like a mirror or whistle, small flashlight, etc. For your cotton ball tinder, not sure the alcohol did you any good as it has evaporated off. Try dipping them in vaseline, it helps make them resistant to moisture and gives them fuel to burn for a couple of minutes. Just have to put them in something to keep from getting vaseline on everthing else in the kit.
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      Good job Padgett! Very creative. Q-tips dipped in vaseline also work well as mini candles and fire starters, like your cotton balls. Wrapping in syran wrap may help.

      Are your matches ' strike anywhere '? I have been unpleasantly surprised on occasion when the match would not work, so I have kept the striker portion of a matchbook with the matches just in case. Again, wrap in syran wrap to keep dry.
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