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EDC+ how many extra magazines, and how do you carry 'em?

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    New update... I have gone to carrying, in some cases, my Glock 19 with 2 magazines and a new Ruger PC-9 carbine. The PC-9 breaks into two sections for easy storage and mine is set up to use Glock magazines. So this is a win-win for me. The PC-9 is the new model and I also have 5 extra magazines that I keep with it. That means I can use all magazines in either my carbine or my G-19 depending on how I choose to use them.


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      In town, I now EDC a SCCY 9mm. I used to carry a Taurus PT111. I got rid of it when they got rid of the lifetime warranty. I got the SCCY because it is made in Daytona FL. It is very reasonably priced. It is light enough to comfortably carry even in Florida heat. I carry 2 spare magazines.
      In the woods I carry a Ruger Redhawk 44 magnum. I like it for it's utter reliability and big punch. It has already saved my life once. I carry 2 speed loaders and I keep one of these close by.
      Includes: One Speed Beez Speed Loader One Loading Block,One SBC Case (COL (case overall length) that allows the lid to close 1.510) Get it all with one click.


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        I still carry my Ruger but am looking to buy something easier on my arthritic hands. Haven't had a chance really to go looking but am open to suggestions. Looking for something small to carry for concealed carry.


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          Have you looked at the Ruger LC9s? 9mm 7+1 and depending on how you dress, could be a pocket pistol. Definitely light and accurate. It was on my list, but I chose the SCCY in order to support a small company that actually supports the 2A for American civilians. I also like how it shoots.


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            I want to replace my Glock 40 S&W with the new M-17 the military is going to use. For one thing the cost is a lot less.

            Glock is becoming too pricey and parts are becoming hard to find. I love the feel of the new M-17 it is not as wide in the handle as the Glock is. The M-17 also uses 2 springs for recoil - very different the the one spring in my Glock and 1911. Easier to clean.

            As to how many mags - depends on situation - normal day to day I carry one mag in and two attached to belt.

            Pending action I carry 6 additional on my vest along with 6 AK 30 round clips.

            At home I don't count because I keep buying them. Plus enough weapons, ammo, and the M-60A1 tank to start a small war or major the same.

            As has been told to me for years from veterans from WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, etc.

            "The last person standing with a loaded weapon is the winner! So never never run out"

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