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what EDC blade would you use?

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    My EDC is a CRKT Special Forces Desert Cruiser, I like it.
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      Originally posted by my boy boris View Post
      ever sinse it's introduction the only knife i keep clipped inside my pocket is my spydie para-mil 2, i am so in love with it i have bought 2 backups :)
      That would be the knife I'd recommend. Out of all of the knives I own, The Para 2 stays in the top three and it's probably carry it more than any of my knives.


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        I like sog and have a few of them fixed and folding...
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          I have two CRKT knives I like, and I usually carry an SOG.


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            I EDC a Cold Steel Rajah 2. If you are looking for a folder, that can take a lot of abuse, this is the one. I've had mine for 3 years and abuse daily. The lock has never let me down.
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              Welcome back Tomahawk
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                Glad to be back.
                Guns and knives don't kill. People kill.


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                  I'm a big fan and EDC a Camillus CK9. It's a fixed blade though so I know some will be turned off by that. It suits me and my environment though.


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                    Was issued a Camillus TL-29 knife in 1974. Best all around tool
                    I have ever had! Can't cut a tree down with it, but I HAVE whittled
                    a boat paddle with it! The thing just lasts and lasts! Punished it,
                    used, it abused it and it just doesn't break! I keep it sharp, clean
                    and oil the moving parts with plain old 30W every once in a while.

                    One trick I learned way back when was to thouroughly work over
                    the moving parts with valve grinding compound and exercise the
                    knife a lot! Clean it all our with a good gun solvent, sharpen, and
                    re-oil it. You can ALMOST flip the knife blade out with one hand
                    and the screwdriver locks positively in place every time without
                    fail (again with just the flick of the wrist!)!

                    I only slightly sharpened one side of the screwdriver blade for
                    scraping things and skinning wire so as to not abuse the main
                    knife blade.

                    SMALL FACTOID: The tip of the main knife blade almost exactly
                    matches a groove in a Phillips head screw. If you are CAREFUL
                    and in a pinch (bad pun!) you can use this as a light duty Phillips

                    OTHER FACTOID: The main knife blade has a "step" in the bottom
                    of it that if carefully worked on with a small pattern file or automotive
                    points file, can be made to engage the stop for the screwdriver blade
                    by merely moving the stop over once the main knife blade is deployed
                    thus saving cut fingers.

                    Do NOT buy cheap Chinese copies of these knives! You can still find a
                    good USA TL-29 at flea markets and sometimes surplus or outdoors

                    They are small enough to be a "pocket knife" and not be subject to a
                    lot of weapons laws that bigger knives are, but they are large enough
                    and sturdy enough and versatile enough to be a great EDC knife even
                    in a politically correct environment.

                    You can open a letter or a can of beans with one!

                    You can adjust a thermostat set screw or screw a door hinge with one!

                    And if you REALLY had to, you could whittle a sharp stick into a spear with one!

                    They can be found on flea bay, for next to nothing. But several and keep
                    them in your bags, pocket, tool and tackle box!


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                        I usually carry 2 daily.

                        First one is a Kizer Cutlery 5414A3 Folder S35VN - Tan G-10. It is a great all round blade. Sharp. Good for heavier handed work. Flips with one hand.

                        Second is a Zero Tolerance ZT0350TSST. Nice blade. Functional. Easy to keep out of sight. Slim fit in pocket. Clip is cheap. The serrations work well. Flips one hand. Good for smaller light tasks.

                        If I carry a fixed blade, I'd go back to a Busse Elmax Active Duty. Wonderful slicer. Perfect size and blade profile. Stupid sharp.


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                          I have been carrying an Ontario RAT1 for a few years now. I cut all kinds of rope, cordage, mule tape, cardboard, copper phone cable, T-bone steaks, make feathersticks, a little bit of carving and have batoned small pieces of wood with no apparent wear and tear. It holds an edge well and sharpens up fairly easy. I think I originally paid $18 and if I lose it or break it I can replace it these days for less than $30.
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                            I carry a Spyderco Delica clipit..Works well for me.


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                              I have a CRKT folder that I carry everyday but I like a K-BAR.....


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                                It is Gerber for me. A boot knife, if I'm wearing boots. A fast open pocket knife when I'm not.