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Who Packs an EDC Survival Kit?

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    Bic lights work to. Makes fire easy.
    Cedar, I can't crochet but was doing some knitting till my hands got bad. Doctor's say it will take about a year to get back at least 80% back. I work on that everyday Hoping for 100%. It has been up to three months since surgery and I am at about 49% now. So I guess that is a good thing.


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      maybe on the mundane side but 2 things I carry everyday are a thing of chap stick and re-wetting/ eye drops. Besides the obvious use of keeping your lips in pucker perfect condition for your sweety, the chap stick can be used as a fire starter with the bic i also carry. I've also used it on zippers on a jacket or pack that are being sticky and I'm sure there are other uses I've not thought of.

      The eye drops I use as some days my contacts will start to bother me but I have used them and I've given them to others to use to rinse debris out of the eye, in a pinch think they could also be used to rinse a small wound though obviously not a large amount for that.
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        CG I never thought about chapstick for fire starter. It is a wax so should work great. I have lots of that around here as hubby really goes through it for his lips. I don't wear contacts but do get dry eye when reading to long. I keep eye drops for that. Might be a good idea to put both in my bags as that is one thing I had not thought about. I do have a lot of lighters as well.


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          Chapstick goes every where with me! Did not know it could be used as a fire starter! Have used it for al of the other things mentioned, including to lube a sticky door.


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            I always carry chap stick as well. Goes in my right front pocket with a Zippo lighter and a pocket knife. I could probably leave home without my pants before I would forget those things that are in my pockets every day.
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              Originally posted by Mrbrooks View Post
              its funny that you mention the fact that the first can you chose was about the size of a Skoal can. I have made several of the small edc kits out of my empty Skoal cans, a small fishing kit with 2 different size line 1-15' of 8lb test and 1-15' of 40lb test, 2 small corks, 3 small and 3 med bait holder hooks, a few different size sinkers, a couple of leaders. I actually have a log duct taped in my truck glove box that has a fishing can, a sewing can, a first aid can, 2 fire starter cans( 1 with small firesteel and striker with a small baggie of magnesium and some waxed cotton balls, two cheap broadheads with dettachable blades and another with 3 strand of baling twine braided together and ran thru wax about 50', and 2 cans of deer jerky. i mean its a total of 7 cans and on the outside i just wrapped about 10-15' of duct tape in total around the seams to hold them together. i will post pics if anybody wants to see it. i was pretty proud of it myself lol
              Dang, I dipped Skoal for probably 25 years.. I coulda been RICH!! Or neck deep in Skoal Cans..


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                I now use items attached to my belt. I'm retired so that means t shirts and shorts 10 months a year (Florida). I carry a under cover holster for my glock, plus one spare msgazine. I have a buck folding knife in a leather pouch, another small pouch, that has a small first aid kit, flashlight, and some 550 cord. Out side I wrapped some dick tape, and fishing line.


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                  Originally posted by charliefox View Post
                  A few years back I bacame fascinated with the SAS survival tin. At that time (pre-internet) there was only mentions in passing of what this wonderous life saving kit contained, what it was packed in (I had no idea what a "tobacco tin" was) or how it was carried. Over the years these and many other questions have been answered, but I never stopped liking the idea of carrying a small, easily concealed survival/escape kit. There are many on the market now, but I packed my first ones in small round ointment tins I found at work (about the size of Skoal cans). There was a survival and a first aid kit. The survival kit contained:

                  -About 10' fishing line wrapped on a sewing bobbin
                  -6 Strike Anywhere matches with their heads dipped in wax
                  -2 small & 2 medium fish hooks
                  -4 small fishing weights
                  -2 large sewing needles
                  -A handcuff key
                  -A utility knife razor blade
                  -Cotton balls packed in any remaining space for tinder and to keep it quiet

                  The first aid kit consisted of:

                  -2 Alcohol Prep Pads
                  -4 Bandaids
                  -1 Large patch bandaid
                  -2 packets of antibiotic cream
                  -6 medium butterfly closures
                  -A small, flattend roll of Transpor (plastic) tape

                  I still carry small kits, but with much better gear. Tell us about your EDC survival kits!
                  I dont really think of it as a "kit" but I do keep certain things on my person at all times. A peanut lighter, aquamira water filter, , a bit of tape, a couple of condoms, a bit of aluminum foil, water purification tablets. Dental floss, all in a little ankle pouch, opposite the spare mag for the pocket 9mm. The modified Crunch multitool is on my belt., emergency poncho and a cut down 55 gallon drum liner (for my lower legs) in a back pocket.


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                    I've got a GHB.


                    • I keep the BOB in the vehicle, to include the (very well concealed) taken down rifle.


                      • This is my EDC stuff.

                        I use a small, zippered nylon camera case which has a nice belt loop.

                        Everything you see here fits in the camera case (except the revolver and speedloader), and there is room to spare for me to add additional items.

                        Shown below are a compass, a wire saw, a flat credit-card style multitool, a keychain sized Leatherman style multitool, a cigarette lighter (the plastic band is to keep the butane from leaking if the thumb pedal is depressed in storage), and I found a cool "survival watch" that has a paracord wristband, scraper, and ferroceramic fire starting rod. I also have a small "tactical light" with 2 spare lithium batteries.

                        The knife is an interesting "gimmick knife" that has a built-in flashlight, a ferroceramic fire starter, a seatbelt cutter, a window smasher, and a bottle opener.

                        I've used the very similar "chaos ready" knife for about 4 years, and it's very practical and useful for a cheap gimmick knife.

                        I have had to tighten up the screws on the knife with an Allen key once in a while, but this hasn't been an issue.

                        I did find a very small water purifying straw that I intend to add.

                        The gun is a S&W 442 .38 with an aftermarket grip that has an LED light for target identification. I use Norma Safeguard rounds, which are 158 grain hollow points at 968 feet per second (from a 4 inch barrel, probably a little less with my snub nose), which delivers about 330 foot-pounds of energy to the target.


                        • To be honest, we don't get that far away from home.

                          Other than weather or a fallen tree blocking the road; most events will have plenty of warning. I keep an Makita electric chainsaw in her vehicle and a gas saw with fuel in my truck. Firearms and ammo are a given in any vehicle.
                          According to the trail cams; here we have bears, bobcats and cougars. Lots of fish, deer, turkey etc.

                          Our focus is to get home where our preps are located.

                          We live in the Chattahoochee NF, the nearest town is over 20 miles away and has less than 9K population and our nearest neighbor, a weekender is about a mile or so.
                          We live in a BOL; however, we never thought of it as a BOL, us it is home.