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Who Packs an EDC Survival Kit?

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    Bic lights work to. Makes fire easy.
    Cedar, I can't crochet but was doing some knitting till my hands got bad. Doctor's say it will take about a year to get back at least 80% back. I work on that everyday Hoping for 100%. It has been up to three months since surgery and I am at about 49% now. So I guess that is a good thing.


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      maybe on the mundane side but 2 things I carry everyday are a thing of chap stick and re-wetting/ eye drops. Besides the obvious use of keeping your lips in pucker perfect condition for your sweety, the chap stick can be used as a fire starter with the bic i also carry. I've also used it on zippers on a jacket or pack that are being sticky and I'm sure there are other uses I've not thought of.

      The eye drops I use as some days my contacts will start to bother me but I have used them and I've given them to others to use to rinse debris out of the eye, in a pinch think they could also be used to rinse a small wound though obviously not a large amount for that.
      I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you!


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        CG I never thought about chapstick for fire starter. It is a wax so should work great. I have lots of that around here as hubby really goes through it for his lips. I don't wear contacts but do get dry eye when reading to long. I keep eye drops for that. Might be a good idea to put both in my bags as that is one thing I had not thought about. I do have a lot of lighters as well.


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          Chapstick goes every where with me! Did not know it could be used as a fire starter! Have used it for al of the other things mentioned, including to lube a sticky door.


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            I always carry chap stick as well. Goes in my right front pocket with a Zippo lighter and a pocket knife. I could probably leave home without my pants before I would forget those things that are in my pockets every day.
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