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Who Packs an EDC Survival Kit?

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    Are we talking about a get home bag or what you carry on your person each and every day?

    Here is my list

    1. 30" 550 Para cord with ranger beads on it For navigation

    2. 10' 550 Para cord bracelet with watch and compass on it.

    3. Normal Clothing including shirt, shorts or trousers, socks, hiking boots, baseball hat, and over 25' 550 Para cord made belt.

    4. Boy Scout folding knife (Check in your state on what length of blade you can carry). Florida is 5"

    5. Back left pocket Small tin with survival items in it.

    6. Key chain with small flash light attached.

    This is what I carry on me any time I leave the house.


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      I'm sure mine is very similar to all of the others, but I also have items in my car as Slowgun45. One thing I do include, and no one here has mentioned it. I carry cash. Not a lot, but enough that I could make it home, and not have to use a bank or an ATM. Granted, my travel distance is usually quite short. In the short term SHTF,or a natural disaster, cash will still be important.
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        I have a lot of the altoids tins. I am making up some for bartering. Some with fishing items, sewing, fire starter items, etc. I thought they would come in handy for people that only have small items I might need for trade.