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    i had an iPhone but got rid of it. Sick of the data plan costs and the newer OS platforms messing up my older model. I can't see the need to buy a new one every year. They are also fragile. I broke one so I know. So I got a Taho by Kyocera. it's supposed to be a "military grade" phone. Don't know it that's hype, but it does work in a rainstorm and I've dropped it a whole bunch of times. Keeps working!

    Of course I have other Apple toys - iPod, iPad and a MacBook. Superior products worth the cost. And let me tell you, when you get an iPad you get addicted!

    I also have an EoTech HWS. Very cool.


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      Electronic tech in my EDC consists of a...

      1. Casio Men's MTG900DA-8V G-Shock MT-G Atomic Tough Solar Watch.
      2. Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone.
      3. HP Mini 110-3530 Netbook with Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS.

      On my wrist, in my pocket, and in my EDC bag respectively.
      - Bill, Geezer Gadget Geek, ARRL/ARES/Call: K0WBZ


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        Another not into the tech stuff here. I don't even have my own cell phone anymore, and I like it that way, though we do have a basic one so that if dh and I are away from home the kids can call us....and they are my main reason for not having tech stuff (besides not knowing what most of it is, or what it does) I worked HARD years ago to undo all the damage we had done by allowing video games and such into the house. One spring I realized my kids were missing out on the change of season and that most of them (if not ALL of them) wouldn't be able to find their way home if something happened because they always had their faces glued to a stupid screen, even in the car. I flipped at the realization and over time we got rid of all games and electronic toys, so now we just stay away from electronic gizmo's in general.


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          Cell phone when its not broke (terrible habit of putting it on top the truck in the morning getting in and driving off find it in the bed at work beaten pretty badly) GPS mostly a toy when camping have a flashlight with HI Low and Strobe features carry everyday have a laptop but don't use it to its fullest mostly mapquest.


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            I have an I-Pad 2gen. With me all of the time. All of my personal information is still kept up to date in my 30 year old day runner. I doubt if my day runner will ever become a dinosaur to me. Unfortunately the bank I belong to has gone digital, unless you pay extra for paper. Both of my trucks have inverters so charging isn't a problem.


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              All I have is my cell phone on me , I pretty much only use it for work...hell I don`t have the voice mail set up yet.
              I like to keep it simple.
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              That Government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.

              — Thomas Jefferson

              You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.

              — Abraham Lincoln

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                I gave up home phone years ago and rely on i-phone now. I do rely on it too much, but other than communication, nothing I can't survive without.

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                  I'm with Ocsar on this one Hard copies NO power no info Most everyone will be lost that rely on tecnology


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                    With all the tech heads we have here its a wonder if any of them can do chores on a farm? lol

                    If SHTF happens and all your toys become useless junk, just more weight to carry around; What will you do? A Hard Copy of Everything we talk about/discuss here is very useful to your future well being.

                    So here is some questions for you guys:

                    What will you all do if we get hit with either a natural EMP (Sun Spots) or man made EMP (Nuke)?

                    Do you have your list of everything you need to bug out ready including hard copy of routes to take to your retreat?

                    Do you have hard copy manuals on medical, dental, animal husbandry, hunting, weapons maintenance, etc.

                    ************************************************** ***********************
                    If you do have hard copies you now have a library of what and (How To); a family needs to know when SHTF.

                    If not, what are you going to do????
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                      I am way old school on this one, and glad I am. Cell phone is the only tech gadget I have.

                      Everything is written down. Everything is hard copy; important documents; books; manuals; maps; check lists; phone numbers (if they matter); medical records. We don't rely on technology for anything. All accessible, and ready to go if we have to bug out.
                      The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

                      Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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                        have my computer, cell phone, and nook, everything is hard copy. As far as I'm concerned cell phone can go. Hardly ever use it, except in emergencies.


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                          Cell phone, because my kids insist since I live alone, lap top and a digital picture frame (a gift). Does a flat screen tv count?


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                            Well I am a techie. I have it. I use it. I teach it. I grew up in rural Wisconsin, not on a farm but in the country and working for neighbors on their farms.

                            Thanks to advice from this site I now have scans of my important documents and saved copies of the files on several devices including an encrypted copy on the Internet and on a USB stick I carry in my EDC. I put the originals in a fireproof safe.

                            I have purchased dozens of faraday bags and have stored radios, wireless routers, network switches, CB's, CD players, digital volt meter, anything electronic and stored them in decorative cookie tins.

                            I have more than a dozen small portable solar powered chargers, salvaged from broken solar powered lawn lights, with multiple adapters for various devices and batteries. I have a larger 64 Watt solar panel system connected to two deep cycle batteries installed on our Bug Out Shack. This large system provides 1,500 Watts of 110 Volt A/C and 500 Cold Cranking Amps of 12 Volt power.

                            I purchased a used 1984 Onan RV generator. It does not have electronic ignition. It provides 53 Amps of A/C power. I have modified it to run on gasoline or propane. This generator provides enough electricity to my all-electric house that, properly managed, I can run the water pump, refrigerator, freezer, lights, and water heater. I can heat the house entirely with the woodstove.

                            This summer I upgraded to a DROID RAZR 4G smartphone. It can provide Internet access to my other wireless devices if needed. I can even connect to my wireless router and create a LAN for wired devices if needed.

                            You see, with technology the single point of failure is electricity. If you can provide electricity to the device or system it will work. Don't get caught up in the power companies mindset of having enough power to do everything all the time. Build enough capacity to provide some power for some devices to stay connected and do important work. Our Bug Out Shack will never power a large screen TV and DVD player, but it will power a laptop with a built-in DVD drive. So, we will still be able to enjoy a movie on date night.
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                            If it was man made it can be man re-made.


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                              Very impressive Mangler. You have done a great job in protecting all of your gear. Can you tell me where you got your faraday bags? I didn't know there were bags, but I wanted to get something (like a Faraday box) to protect a radio and maybe some spare cell phones. Anything else you would recommend protecting?
                              The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

                              Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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                                Hey Morgan,
                                I'm old school too, have laminated maps of the A.T., cell phone, & a compass. Me & my oldest son were hiking the Virgin Falls area & met a guy who had been hiking with a GPS. He said he got lost several times. Sometimes the old school can be the best school.