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What is you EDC blade....

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  • A mini leathermans, which apparently they don't make anymore is my EDC. As no one noticed it on my keyring.

    I used to carry an Opinel S11(?) But have misplaced mine with the kufuffle. Or no longer own them.

    Costco/Home Depot folding boxknife has been my real EDC and everyday use for years for farm work. Not expensive, willing to get beat up, and can change blades as required.

    I have a Bucks skinning knife for butchering these days, but I was slaughtering livestock with those Opinels, and they stayed sharp. I have a yellow Scandinavian knife I cannot name at the second... But it is a good knife as well.



    • Leatherman Sidekick and Opinel 7 are my work knives, but after hours I'll switch the Opinel for something fancier depending on where I am going and how fancy I need to be.


      • At work I usually carry a Benchmade mini-Barrage and a small Swiss Army Knife.


        • I carry a leather sidekick multi tool and a folding buck knife


          • be prepared,be worried,be careful..and watch your 6


            • I carry a Kershaw Link, assisted opening knife. Have for about 3 - 4 years now. I consider it a very good knife.

              Still carrying the same knife and it's still sharp enough to shave with. No rust and still works great. 9/19/2020
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              • Gerber boot knife, or Gerber assist open.


                • I like my Seber knife. It has a button that locks the blade in any position I need it locked into so I can use it at any angle.
                  Click image for larger version

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                  • I carry a small SAK and lately a Spyderco Endura.


                    • While I carry a heavy duty Schrade folding knife in my work bag, I ALWAYS have a simple Victorinox pocket knife on my person.


                      • I have changed over to a Kershaw folder; Model 1609.
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                        • Exodus Knife and Tool Adventurecraft, rigged for a neck knife. Always.

                          Benchmade SOCP, on the bag if Im CC'ing in the bag, IWB if I'm CC'ing appendix. Sometimes I dont want to tote the slingbag.

                          Not the best idea, on the bag, but its pretty much invisible, and sometimes, I'll be honest at the risk of catching some flak, its nice to be able to have it all in the bag, like at the library. I'd hate to print, and get called out, or worse kicked out.


                          • Retired my Benchmade McHenry and Williams and carry a Spyderco Endura


                            • Camillus, titanium blade


                              • My favorite is the CRK&T Crawford Kasper with the 3.75" blade. As I have big hands, the 3.75" works well for me. Those with smaller hands would find the 3.5" fits better.

                                In the picture there a little circle that when pushed locks or blocks the liner side lock. the blade using the LAWKS system; as a result, it is almost a fixed blade.
                                My scales are black and the blade is dulled.
                                Although I prefer a fixed blade because it is longer and legal in Georgia, the CRTKT is pretty close.


                                The link explains LAWKS system quite well.
                                If sharpened correctly, mine has no problems with garden hose or rope. OTOH, it is a weapon and not a tool.

                                After years of use, the screws retaining the clip used to come loose until I used red Lock-Tite. The ball bearings can be adjusted for a flip type fast opening. Get that the way you want it; then, use the thread locker

                                As it is discontinued it can be found inexpensively.