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    I miss my M60A3,


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      I am really proud of my son. He is 15, and seems like an adult hiding in a young man's body.
      Since he was 10 he has had a knife that absolutely goes on his hip as soon as he gets out of bed.
      (Or in the case of school days, as soon as he gets home from school.)
      Right now it is a Kershaw 4" Lockback. But I feel the way to make him safe around knives and guns both is not to lock them away, but to make him familiar with both. He sees the knife as an everyday tool that he should always have with him.
      I also taught a knife fighting class for three years, and he was the best of the young people in open matches. He is amazing. For him, it was a competition or a game in the dojo.

      Now as he matures, I see him becoming aware of his own ability, and he makes me proud.
      Sorry, I know this thread was to talk about everyday carry, but sometimes a dad has to brag.
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        I carry a small Case in my left pocket and a Schrade Team Primos clipped inside the right pocket.


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          everyday blades

          I carry 2 not counting my Gerber multi-tool. A Schrade old timer trapper and a Gerber FAST large tango


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            A case sodbuster.


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              You should brag on your son. I bought my youngest a Ka-Bar EDC a couple of yrs. ago, he loves it. My oldest son has a S.O.G., Benchmade, & Spyderco. Myself, I carry a Benchmade Griptilian. One of the best knives I've ever owned. Good price too.

              I have a Kershaw junk yard dog knife, but to me, its too heavy for a EDC. Also have a Ka-bar pocket knife that is great.

              Thanks for mentioning about your son, love 'em every day, unconditionally......


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                I carry atleast 3 at all time not counting my ccw. each knife has differant purposes.clipped to left pocket is my SOG, inside right pocket is my sod buster jr or my schrade trapper.On my belt will be one of these hand made hair splittersClick image for larger version

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                  just in case anybody is interested in getting your hands on a one of a kind hand made knife. A friend of mine makes these by hand in the way they did way back. He used A-2 and O-1 tool steel depending on the blade and purpose.He will even make a custom blade.Does his own heat treating also. I have 3 of them and they or all hair splitters. If interested you can message me for more info or check out his web site at


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                    I cary a Tac-Force speedster, my last blade that I can only call the black defender (on the handle) didnt lock anymore. I might not cary this or any of my others around untill I find out what the law says. I cant tell what the carry law is at the moment.


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                      I carry a Gerber folder that I have found to be the perfect size and weight for me: about 3 3/4" length with 2 1/2" blade. Stays sharp, very handy.

                      I prefer Cold Steel, and have two in my BOB (folder and fixed blade) but the folder is to big and heavy to EDC.
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                        kershaw 3.5 lock blade for single handed opening


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                          Pictures of knifes that I use
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                            Click image for larger version

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                            my spydie pm2...i've got 2 backups as well (in case it gets discontinued/hard to find)
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                              I have been carrying a trusty Leatherman for about 22 years now.


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                                I carry a 2" folding Buck. Not an excellent knife, but good enough for the work I need it to do.

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