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What's in your pockets or on your belt on a daily basis?

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  • alex
    Site says I don't have enough posts to "import" photos from a hosting then I'll just type it out...

    Right front, S&W M&P Shield .40 w/ the 6 round mag in a custom made black leather holster.
    Left front, truck keys (has a p-38 can opener on it) and a Swiss Army Officer's knife
    My belt is a braided paracord belt with roughly 90' of cord in it. I made this belt about 2 1/2 years ago and it's showing a good bit of wear. In my Nite-ize pouch there is a Leatherman Wave, a 175 lumen flash light, a magnesium/ferro bar, a steel, a piece of flint, a small terminating screw driver and in the back is a micro altoids tin with char cloth, fish hooks, fishing line, dental floss and a few snares.

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  • Morgan101
    It is interesting to look at old posts, and see if things have changed. Mine is essentially the same: S&W 642; Gerber folder; wallet; Chapstick; handkerchief; comb; money clip. My butane lighter died, so I carry a Zippo.

    I have added a Fenix mini flashlight, and a Fox 40 whistle to my key ring.

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  • PrairieRat
    Actually not much in my pockets, but I'm seldom far from a "life jacket". A life jacket is pretty much a BOB/coat with IT's pockets loaded.

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  • NRAamy
    a Myakka voodoo doll.....minus the stank....

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  • SoCo1
    This is what I carry on person everyday. I have a new EDC slingbag that's gonna be here tomorrow, but until then this is what it has been so far.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	edc4.jpg
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  • Schneb
    I won't bore you with ALL the details, but

    on me:
    • Leatherman Wave (pinches me in plier mode, but still)
    • bandana
    • cell phone
    • (fountain) pen(s)
    • watch (analog)

    (after actually doing an little excavating in the nooks and crannies of it)
    in bookbag:
    • First Aid items--hand sanitizer, band aids, Q-tips, toothbrush & tooth paste, CPR barrier
    • all-in-one bike type bike tool (mostly a bunch of allen wrenches, with some other items too)
    • an 'ultraflate' with cartridge for refilling a bike tire
    • a Gerber multitool
    • mini Maglite (with holster)
    • eyeglasses strap
    • orienteering compass
    • multiple sharpies
    • assorted salt/pepper, sugar, wet-wipes, napkins, plastic forks and a good sized wodge of paper napkins (all from restaurants)
    • squeeze pkg. of almond butter, small pkg of trail mix
    • cord/charger for phone

    --maybe I'm drifiting into B.O.B. contents by bringing all of that in. Sorry if so, but it's still my EDC, pretty much.

    (Also--from Sept. to June: a ream or so worth of students' papers, etc.)

    Not very exciting, maybe, but one thing I've wondered about--seems like that 'ultraflate' has the potential for alternative uses, like--well, actually, I'm not really sure.

    Any ideas?

    Of course, there's always the 'inflate a flat tire' use--which is good enough reason to carry it. See picture below.

    Also--I always enjoy finding something like the bike multi-tool that people aren't so aware of, that could have broader appeal/use. Thus the pic of that, as well.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	crankbrosmulti17toolopen450.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	ultraflate_plus_co2_inflator.jpg
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ID:	187421

    Good to empty out the crap from my bag--I've got more little sanitizer bottles than I need to carry every day. Also, my F.Aid items are kind of limited. I'll add some vinyl exam gloves, etc. I like what someone else had above: travel size bottle of bleach. I have in mind to get the dry ingredients to add to water to make an wound irrigation/eye wash solution.

    But now I'm definitely getting off topic, so I'll end it there.
    Last edited by Schneb; 09-15-2013, 01:51 PM.

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  • Tomahawk Rob
    A strong leather belt. I barely notice the weight anymore, most of which is in the Versa pack.:p

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  • Chefsimms
    Originally posted by Tomahawk Rob View Post
    You will find this on me all the time.
    In my pockets: 2 Large Cold Steel folders.
    Gerber Traverse
    A made in Japan Sabre pocket knife (I've had this since I was 6)
    Gerber Clutch
    2 25ft lengths of 550 paracord
    Zippo lighter
    roll of electricians tape
    On my belt: Maxpedition Anemone, containing an assortment of bandages, ibuprofen, ID and cell phone
    Gerber 600 multi tool
    LED flash light
    In my Jumbo Versipack: Level 1 first aid kit
    4oz. of bleach (water sanitizer)
    24oz. stainless steel bottle
    Emergency fishing kit
    Snare kit
    Fire kit
    Emergency blanket & Cyalume light sticks
    Ziploc bags
    Map & Compass
    10x25 binoculars
    Folding saw
    100 ft of 550 cord and a small tarp
    Duct tape
    Multi screwdriver & vise grips
    I'm always adding new stuff.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	image.gif
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Size:	16.4 KB
ID:	187219That`s a lot of stuff eh! how do you keep your pants up?
    Last edited by Chefsimms; 03-16-2013, 01:01 AM. Reason: spelling typo`s

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  • Chefsimms
    Click image for larger version

Name:	CHEF1.gif
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ID:	187218I carry a spring assisted knife, a lighter, keys (2 sets one in each front pocket) bandana, 380 (Kel-Tec) plus 2 clips… in the pocket, wallet, comb, cell phone, chap stick, gun, business cards, sure fire flash light, (In the winter) lock de icer.i don`t carry much on the belt…usually my Taurus pt145…a small Camera .Now if I`m on the trail or in the woods it a whole lot more stuff.

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  • NRAamy
    In my hello kitty purse:

    pepper spray
    pocket knife
    Tampons( good for poking out an eye )
    Anti-radiation pills
    Gatorade gum
    Pen ( also good for poking out eyes )
    Nail file

    And myakkas address, so that I can immediately ransack his place after TSHTF......

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  • dalewick
    Carry a Glock 19
    3 magaines
    wrist watch (ecco solar/titanium)
    Gerber locking folder knife
    meds & holder
    button compass
    appropriate cloths for season & weather

    This is just whats on me everyday. More in Vehicle or if traveling.


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  • Tomahawk Rob
    Yes I do carry everything listed. I work on a large construction site (remotely controlled tower crane). I travel 180 kilometers, return trip 6 days a week. I like to think that I'm ready for any situation. I do carry more gear in my car.

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  • myakka
    I guess it's good to be needed......

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  • NRAamy
    I have a multi-tool's called myakka....though he's more of a tool than a multi-tool.....

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  • myakka
    I carry a jumbo versipack, with a folding knife, small flat fixed blade, 1 litter water bottle full, and a few odds and ends that change with need. This pack also houses my concealed carry and 2 extra mags. Wallet etc... This "man-purse" as my wife calles it, is never out of reach.

    When working, I also have a "pack" with a gerber multi-tool, snacks, compass,gps, kestrel weather device, duct tape, lighter, 2 radios (1 for my agency, 1 for local cooperating agency) and protective gear for my day job, (fighting wildfires)
    When off duty the work pack is outside in my truck. It also doubles as my get-home-bag, and my SAR bag, with some stuff in a sack behind the rear seat that I would add to it as needed.

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