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you can't get contolability in a ccw gun, lots of expansion

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  • you can't get contolability in a ccw gun, lots of expansion

    and lots of penetration. You only get that with steel frame, full sized 10 mm 155gr, and very skilled, strong men. dont expect your load to expand in men if it penetrates 12" in jello. Dont expect your bullet to do much of anything if it hits his arm, or a car before hitting his chest. You didnt aim at his arm, so your shot was a miss. If it does anything, you got LUCKY!. Dont shoot at his guts, as he stands above you, with you prone or supine on the ground, expecting the bullet to reach his shoulder blade. Shoot him in the bladder or under the chin. After all, you DO claim to be able to ALWAYS hit him in the chest, every shot at 25 yds, so what's the problem with hitting him in the bladder at 3 ft, hmm? or under the chin at 5 ft? This "need" of 15" of penetration in jello is a total crock. I dont WANT more than 8" of jello penetration, cause that means 10+" of penetration in a clothed man and I do not want my bullet to exit a man if I center hit his chest from the front.

    Do not expect all of your shots to hit your attacker at ALL, cause they wont. Dont expect all of your hits to strike his vitals, cause they wont. Dont expect 1-2 hits to his vitals to have an immediate effect, cause far too often, they will not. You've got to be able to get 6hits per second into a man's chest at 10ft on the range in practice', so that you get (probably) get 3 hits into his vitals before he can fall. By this I mean .20 second repeat hits. The first shot is not part of the timed event. It takes him half a second to fall out of your cone of fire at 10 ft, even if you cut his spine with the first shot. After all, you dont want him to live and have to worry about him for the rest of your life. Put lots of lead into him as he falls, cause tacking him to the floor, after he falls, is a BIG legal "no-no".
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