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practical handgun defensive parameters as to range/times.

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  • practical handgun defensive parameters as to range/times.

    I've studied gunfighting for 50 years now, and nobody's ever proven that they could do better than reliably hit the chest at 25 yds, while being shot-at. they either got a single shot luck hit, or the missed multiple other times, PROVING that the hit that they did get was a random accident, or at least, nothing to be relied-upon. When you aint got your ear protection, you miss a lot. Whether or not you consciously notice the blasts is irrelevant. It STILL hurts your ears, your body DOES flinch away from pain and flinching is a subconscious reaction to pain. Now, IF all you have is a pistol and you've got to take on guys at longer distances, put in your ear plugs, fire from ambush and a solidly braced position. THEN you might get a halfway decent hit to 50m, but man, it's a shaky proposition. The pistol is FAR more effective at 5m and less. REAL speed at such ranges can overwhelm several enemies, especially if you have cover and surprise them. Being able to hit 4-5 men in less than one second, especially if you catch them with their rifles slung over their shoulders, yes, that works, as long as you have truly effective ammo and get good hits. Such stuff is the basis of legends, however. FAR more often, it's 1 on 1 and the attacker does not have a gun, so the range is 5-10 ft, and you dont even have to fire, most often, or one hit suffices, If the start is beyond 15 ft, you've got some time to be the usual fumble-fingers in-decisive cop. I recommend that you want a lot of the videos at active self-protection.

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    if you can't even do a given thing with airsoft, why wast even 20c per shot on .22lr ammo? If you can't even do it with a .22lr conversion unit or look-alike wth would you even pop a centerifre cape, at 60c+ per shot? Keep practicing with the 1/2 c air soft, and same cost, slowfire precision practice with lead .177 pellet training, without the range fees or the trip to the range Save yourself many hundreds of dollars and scores of hours that you'd otherwise have wasted. and have plenty of fun. Use that saved money to buy a double alpha wrist band shooting timer, which works with both airsoft and live ammo. ANYONE can do this stuff slowly. but in a fight, if you're too slow, you dont get the chance to demonstrate your accuracy or the power of your gun/ammo combo. You get shot first. Its' amazing how many people dont understand that obvious fact. they'll say STUPID crap like "there's no timer in a gun fight". The hell there AINT! the timer is the other guy's gun!


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      faster IS better, as long as you get the hits. Only the ignorant/lazy "think" otherwise. Of COURSE if speed makes you miss you need to slow down a bit and practice more, that goes without saying, but dummies are always ASSUMING that NOBODY is faster than they are, or that they are "fast enough". No, you're not. That's why you dont shoot in matches. You dont want to find out how slow you really ARE.


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        of COURSE what you read about in the NRA and gun mags, see on progun channels, the good guy won, no matter how inept he really was! Such sources are not going to show you the times when the good guy WASNT fast and accurate enough! Why would you expect that? The times when the prosecutor locked up the "good guy". or where he got stabbed or shot, are not going to make it into such "news", but such things DO occur, a lot more often than we want to admit. Cops, with open wear gear, warning of what they are facing, armor, buddies, the full weight of the justice system behind them, get hurt all of the time and they get away with acting FIRST, endangering others, etc. You will not.