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work 15 miles from home? keep a bike in your vehicle

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  • work 15 miles from home? keep a bike in your vehicle

    remove the handlebars, rotate the front fork, remove the seat and the pedals, and you'll be amazed at what a compact package a bike actually IS. Chain it into the back of your pickup and cover it with a tarp. 20 miles, even on pavement, is a long, hard day with 20+ lbs of gear, water, etc. When you get home, you might need to bugout immediately, and lines of stalled cars may prevent 4-wheeled evac. You've got to get home before everyone goes crazy (ie, a few hours) A bicycle makes 20 miles an easy 2 hours, or a panic-stricken, man-killing one hour, and then you can walk alongside of the bicycle with 100 lbs of gear, water, food, etc, over some pretty bad terrain. On pavement, you can pedal it with that 100lbs, 40 lbs on your back and tow 60 lbs in a bike trailer. Solid rubber tires are about $40 each on Amazon, Gel seat cover is necessary for your prostate and runs sub $30.

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    15 miles? most fit people could walk that in 3 or 4 hours.


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      try it. with say, 20 lbs of gear. Bet you can't. 5 hours, MAYBE, if you do it a lot, most people, 6 hours at least.


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        4 or 5 hours maybe.


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          and THEN what if you need to evacuate your immediately and no vehicle can get anywhere, hmm? Could have been MUCH better off with 50 lousy bucks spent on a bicycle. Real prepper, you are. You're exhausted and stuck in a hell hole, most likely, on fire the next day. No way in hell I'd settle for living anywhere I could not have at least a pistol. I had a YT guy from Ireland suddenly disappear off the net, no emails returned, nothing. He had a long time channel about survival stuff, Filipino, nothing controversial at all, but he's gone and so is his channel.


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            Cycling would be a lot easier for those older than 60 years old, depending on the terrain that you have to cover to reach your secondary location.


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              In a WROL, what is to stop me from borrowing a vehicle? At gun point if necessary.

              Registror, why would I be carrying a 20# pack?

              The big question is why are all these scenarios structured so one has to follow a scripted plan? Answer, in a WROL, there isn't a scripted plan.