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Got Lost On A Xmas Tree Hunt/ Cut

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  • Got Lost On A Xmas Tree Hunt/ Cut

    He folks,

    believe it or not - I got lost for about two hours on a Xmas tree hunt/ cut with my family. Yes, on a Xmas tree hunt.

    We were so focused on checking trees that we lost control over our position in a Colorado national forest.

    It was the first week of December, we had no really cold weather why I even did not wear a jacket. No lighter, not armed, short on water with no food an NO connection.

    Finally we made it but we were really close to run in a very serious situation - especially with small kids.

    I'm a very experienced guy and I made it trough tough circumstances - very embarrassing!

    Any similar experiences?

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    soooooooo - who wants to ask him first?


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      As discussed here many times before: you can go from normal to SHTF in a heartbeat. I will give you the benefit of the doubt. You were excited about cutting the tree. The kids were excited about finding the right one. It's holiday season. Everybody was running in a different direction. The last thing anyone was thinking about was getting lost in the woods. Store this one up for next year. Glad it was just a lesson learned, and not a painful one.
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      Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you are stupid, and make bad decisions.


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        well - since no one asked - Why are you cutting down trees in a national forest?


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          Well, it's kind of like never turning your back on an ocean beach. Same with the the woods. People get lost all the time, whether if they are inexperienced or experienced. I'm glad everything turned out okay for you guys!

          I'm not a fatalist. I'm a realist.


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            You knew you were going into the forest. You knew it was an area you had not been to before.

            1. Did you tell anyone where you were going?

            2. Why did you not take a compass and note the general direction you were traveling I.E. North, east, South, or West. Before you left your vehicle?

            3. What was your EDC for that day?

            4. What were you doing in a National Forest cutting down a tree. (Which is illegal without a permit). Why not a tree farm?


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              I'm not asking why.. Just Hello and welcome to the forum and now that you have learned a valuable lesson, read the post as well as the older post.. You can learn a lot here.


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                Good to hear you got out ok. Take it as a lesson learned to remember some basic survival and navigation gear. When I was on the local ground SAR team these type of calls were the most common.


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                  That and mushroom hunters..

                  Glad you and family got out unscathed. Daypacks with ten essentials for everyone next time, right? Great Christmas gifts, especially with thus recent adventure in mind of everyone who went.