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    Originally posted by Applejack View Post
    Cedar, I think it is great that you have all the skills you have. As far as women go, I really don't know any that has the type of skills you have. You have done really well to do the things you are doing. I just wish I had half the skills you have. You are truly blessed to have such skills. Homesteading has become a think of the past for most people now. And I am always glad that there are still folks around that can do it. Homesteading is not easy, but is very rewarding.
    It can also be a curse. But I will gladly take it.

    One of my favorite things about homesteading/ farming, is farmers market... Having repeat customers who buy food you grow, take it home and feed their families with it. That makes me happy.



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      I agree. We are really glad that hubby's cousin decided to buy the farmers market. It gave hubby something to do even if it is just cooking collards, but it also gives us free food or food at cost depending on what it is and what it cost the market. Last year we got 2 bushels of corn free. That was really great since we don't have the room to plant enough corn to can or freeze. I plan on getting more next summer.


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        dusting off the dead.... A bug out bag should start with what you want to carry , then figure out the size from there. I have a few bags, I have my I'm going out fishing hunting 4x4ing bag. usual stuff that would help a walk out /overnight, when mixed with the stuff in the vehicle. From there I have a 1964 pattern rucksack from the Canadian forces( read Vietnam era) That I have added civilian padding to.I wore this when in Afghanistan which when combined with my smaller bag will last me as long as food and ammo does. Last bag is a MEC internal frame That would be added with the long term consumables extra clothes sleeping bag extra footwear, not really meant to be humped around but I can do it. The MEC bag is meant to be stashed somewhere awaiting retrieval later


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          I recently purchased a 3V Gear Paratus - 3 Day Operator Pack. My intent is to use it as a Get Home Bag. Everything fits. Plenty of room. Comfortable to wear. Fits the budget. Time will tell how long it lasts, but thus far I have been very pleased.
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