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Hoods woods

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  • Hoods woods

    hey all, I wanted to know what peoples thoughts were on the Hoods Woods DVD sets. It looks really informational but very pricy. If you have not heard of it its

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    If you have access to YouTube and the internet your pretty well set for information. You might ask your local library if they will bring in a set for you.
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      With mozilla firefox and this add on allows you save youtube videos... of course you should not download copyrighted material:mad:


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        If money is an issue buy the "Survival Basics 1 & 2" DVD to see if you like the format. I found it in the Special Interest section at Hasting's. After watching it I bought the complete set except for the ones dealing with bronze casting. With the DVD's you can always go back if you have a question. The complete set is much cheaper than going to any "survival" class, except for the ones taught at Community Colleges. Ron Hood has been teaching survival skills for over 40 years.

        Below is Ron's first Video from 1973. It is in two parts.

        Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

        Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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          There is NO reason to buy dvd's today, save your money and watch youtube videos. There are people who are just as skilled and some that are FAR more skilled and innovative than him and any other so called experts. Don't buy into hype. I see alot of info out there that is 20 years old, some is tried and true and will be dead on for ever, and others are out dated techniques and concepts that have been substantially improved upon. The internet is a VAST source of amazing information. The only thing that is an absolute must is with any dvd, book, youtube video, or forum post.. go out and try it, and try it again and again.. it may be great for you, you may need to practice 50 times, or you may need to learn another method.

          The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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            I do not have cable tv, just a tv & dvd player, so I can justify the expense for dvds. I also have dvds from Mors Kochanski, Christopher Nyerges, Ray Mears, John & Geri McPherson and Jim Meuninck.

            I think it is important to get as many different viewpoints as possible. In my opinion if you can learn one new thing from many different people ones skill set will be greatly improved.

            One area for everyone to be cafeful with is when it comes to hero worship. It seems like that some people see somebody do something a certain way that it must be okay. Most of the survival stuff on TV is for ratings.

            In my opinion nothing anyone presents on TV, DVDs, Youtube, etc is new or innovating. It is just a way of passing on information.

            I was at a local outdoor store years ago and asked the owner if she had any books by Tom Brown, Jr. Her response was "oh, you are one of them." One of what? Cody Lundin is the local survival guy in my area.

            I read, watch and practice anything I can get my hands on concerning primitive skills.

            I could be wrong here, but I think the first real survival story was Robinson Cursoe that was published in 1719. Followed by Ernest Shackleton.

            I became interested in primitave skills during the third grade when I found a book at the school library about how the Native Americans lived.

            After that I went to the local bookstore and found books by Larry Dean Olsen and Bradford Angier. It snowballed from there.

            In my opinion there are many talanted instructors out there. The thing I don't understand is the rivalry.
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              I joined joined their forum back in 2007 after purchasing a bunch of their dvds. I did not post anything until their magazine came out which I bought.

              There was a knife article stating that a carbon steel knife is better than stainless for throwing a spark from a ferro rod. I replied that was bs. Three of their moderators went nuts. Who was I to question their magazine and that I should have written a letter to the editor, I needed to be banned, etc. The picture below is of a "stainless steel" S30V throwing a spark from a ferro rod.

              The witch hunt continued for years and I was eventually banned from their forum yesterday after over 1700 posts.

              I am always respectful until someone disrespects me then my USMC SSgt side takes over.


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                Like everything.......... most are in it to make a buck. There are always hidden agendas and power struggles. No one likes any competition or their circle of influence threatened. Nature of the beast and 99.9 percent fall into this sort of category. The rare individual that is actually doing things and offering info to help others is threatening to them, both financially and in mindset.


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                  I like the series but I got it as a gift


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                    The paragraph from the article in their magazine that I had a problem with is below.


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                      Well that's their loss ;) Now we get more of your time and posts right?

                      The best thing you can do to support the site is pass it on to your friends and fav sites like other forums, facebook, twitter etc. Let people know about us! :)


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                        Yes I will be spending more time here. If I bring up a topic with bad intell and somebody corrects me I will say thank you and we will all be better off. Ron Hood and the author of the article did not have a problem with my correction. It was two of his moderators. Now that Ron has passed, in my opinon his forum isn't what it used to be.


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                          Ron filmed my moccasin making class for one of his videos. The videos are good I own several. Now that Ron has passed Karen is trying to deal with that and run the business so far she seems to be doing ok it is just really hard for her right now. I my be biased because I have been friends with Ron for years and both he and Karen have always treated me more than right.

                          I showed some of the people at Rabbit Stick that you could get good sparks from a ferro rod using a stainless steel knife and this was way before the article in the magazine.


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                            The video of you making moccasins was very informative. Ron was always had my back and so did Muddyboots. Ron and the author of the article did not have an issue with my concerns for the article. It was two of the moderators / editors of SQ.

                            I posted a few things there that I thought were important about things people were being exposed to on a daily basis with .gov references, but two of the moderators have been on a witch hunt since I first posted my concerns with the above article. My point on their forum that always seemed to be ignored was situational awareness is a survival skill. I would post things that in my opinion were beyond their comprehension and they became very hostile. The moderator with the bs meter thinks agenda 21 is a good thing.

                            One of the moderators there that had a problem with me like to post articles under rumors and oddities about how a petrified camel turd was found on top of old smokey. It is also my opinion that these two moderators are dragging down and alienating a lot of Karen's customer base. I have become very disillusioned with the way the forum is run.

                            One of the things Ron always talked about in his videos was innovation. I thought this was a good thing. Then there are the comments on his forum about how people are "stealing and profiting" form Ron's work. These people make it seem like he invented the wheel. I guess the people making those comments never heard of Nessmuck, Kephart, Clyde Ormond, Larry Dean Olsen, Mors Kochanski, Cody Lundin, Ray Mears, etc.

                            As someone that bought all of the Dvds except for the bronze ones and a subscription to the first year of SQ makes me a customer. Their forum is supposed to be for customers.

                            Respect was never there with the two mentioned moderators. If someone wants to disrespect me than as far as I am concerened it is game on. I never received disrespectful treatment from any of the other moderators. Well maybe one other.

                            I wish Karen and Jesse my condolences on Ron's passing and hope the business is a success.

                            Respectfully submitted,

                            P.S. I was talking to Cody Lundin a few months ago and somehow your name came up. He told me you are the real deal.
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                              PM me the names of the 2 mods maybe I can do something. Karen is a very good friend of mine I would hate to see the forum go down because of a couple of mods. She and Jesse stayed in my extra tipi at Rabbit Stick this year.

                              Cody has been a friend on mine for over 20 years now, he is also the real deal also.