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A handy book that may lead to a set.

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  • A handy book that may lead to a set.

    My fiance got me this for Christmas. It covers everything, albeit sometimes briefly, that you should know about survival. The same author has also written an entire book on edible plants which I would like to add to my library. Worth picking up, even though he can sound a little too spiritual at times for my taste.
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    Have not seen this one yet... but have several of his books on tracking and primitive wilderness skills. Tom Brown is certainly a gifted person when it comes to the old ways :)


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      I have 4 books that I have found very useful.

      Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia: Covers everything from guns to sighting to first aid and almost everything you can think of.

      Outdoor Survival: Very informative on a wide range of subjects.

      U.S Army Survival Manual: Lots of good info on defense.

      Dr.s Book of Home Remedies. Very useful even now.

      Also have the Reloaders Bible. Great gun info.Don't use this one as much but good reference book.
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        Tom Brown is a great resource on survival, tracking, and a variety of outdoors skills. He also wrote a book called Way of the Scout which tells several accounts of how he learned his skills from a Native American he called grandfather. I have several of his books and find them very easy to read, and quick to pick up and put down and not feel like I was missing something.
        Hollywood made a movie based on Tom Brown Jr. called Hunted, it had Tommy Lee Jones in it, I'm sure most of you have seen it or heard of it. A very neat flick about Military special forces and survival training, and it has some wild knife fights in it.
        He also has a survival school in east NJ, that even while I was stationed near never had the chance to attend, I'm still planning on perhaps making a special trip there to attend, but who knows.


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          Thought this could use a bump...

          I don't have any of Mr Brown's books yet but I'm going to keep my eye out.

          a few of the ones I do have on the shelf that I'm slowly working on reading thru are:

          "Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills" - John & Geri McPherson

          "Outdoorsman's Handbook" - Clyde Ormond

          "Country Wisdom Almanac"

          and from Bradford Angier -
          "Survival With Style"

          "Field Guide to Edible Plants"

          "Field Guide to Medicinal Wild Plants"
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            Some experts think Brown is shady. His stories of the Indian father figure don’t jive with his known real upbringing.

            I don’t really mind embellishment as long as the information is sound. And it seems like his is comparing it to others.

            I have one of his books and thought it was interesting enough to keep.
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              I read the Tracker and the Search by Brown. I agree a bit spiritual but definitely good reads in terms of entertainment. Haven't seen his field guides.