Design/remodeling of high security, survival homes, with built-in vault room, security shelter and alternate energy

If you are considering building a new home, moving to a previously owned home, or just wanna make your current home more secure then I highly recommend this book.

I wish I had this book when I built my home. Looking back I got alot of things right, but I also overlooked some :( I honestly feel that if I had read this book before I considered building, I would have understood the construction of my home from a S&P perspective and made some better choices:)

One of the items I was really impressed with is constructing a bullet resistant room using pea gravel and c channel steel studs. With wood studs you have this small window of every 16" where a bullet can penetrate. With C channel steel studs the gravel can be placed in the hollow channel to provide bullet resistance. Pretty cool IMHO for a low cost method :cool:

It costs $45 but is worth the money if you plan on building soon... or just wanna make what you got better :)