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Common Abbreviations

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  • Zombie Axe

    Has many many acronyms and their definition :)

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  • TheUnboundOne

    Those are some great acronyms, all of which I know and heartily support.

    To this, I would add a favorite acronym which embodies the Survivalist ethic well:

    TANSTAAFL--"There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch," made famous by libertarian Science Fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein. Sometimes grammatically corrected and spelled TINSTAAFL ("There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.") Libertarian-minded Nobel Prize-Winning economist Milton Friedman made a book of the same title with some of his economic insights.
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  • Diesel
    started a topic Common Abbreviations

    Common Abbreviations

    Common Abbreviations you may see here on the forum

    BO...- Bug Out/Bail Out. Basically 'get the hell outta dodge' when bad stuff happens. BO can be attached to a variety of letters in this manner (e.g. BOB, BOL, etc.)
    BOB- Bug Out Bag (AKA "go bag"). In essence, your means of carrying your survival equipment. Military style "assault packs", Hiking backpacks are examples.
    BOL- Bug Out Location. Your planned destination if something goes down. Optimally, you've already got it stocked with what you'll need in a crisis.
    BOV- Bug Out Vehicle (less commonly it can mean Bug Out Vest for those who choose vests over bags). Your means of travel to your BOL/through the wasteland that our world has become.

    PAW- Post-Apocalyptic World
    TEOTWAWKI- The End of The World As We Know It
    SHTF- Shit Hits The Fan (i.e. worst-case scenario, perhaps leading to a PAW or TEOTWAWKI).

    LEO- Law Enforcement Officer
    MIL- short for Military, either as a descriptive term for gear or a current/former member of the military.
    .GOV- Represent the .gov domain extension but is used to represent or mean the governement