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Do you know how to fix your electronics?

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  • Do you know how to fix your electronics?

    Knowing how to fix important electronics is a very good idea and with a little practice it can be done easily for simple electronics.

    The first things you will need is a wiring diagram and a logic diagram. the wiring diagram shows you how the electronics components are physically set up and in what configurations. The logic diagram is a little more difficult to grasp, but once you understand it, it is very easy. You will be able to find many of the wiring diagrams and logic diagrams online from the company or even free versions from other sources online. You can find out how to read wiring diagrams at: and the symbols you will need can be found at:
    I cannot find a website that gives a good explanation of how to read logic diagrams right now but as soon as I find one I will post it.

    Make sure you read these diagrams first and have an idea of how these devices work before getting into them.
    When working on electronics BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL there could be a danger make sure power is off and proper safety precautions are taken. some of these could include grounding units insulated tools, and of course taking out batteries.

    I recommend not doing this on high powered devices but small low powered electronics are generally ok. If you are unsure find help first. Be safe not hurt.
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    Although I know a bit about home wiring I must admit that I'm lacking with electronics. Technology changes so fast I have trouble keeping up..