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Dollar Store perimeter alarm

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    That is so cool. I'm going to look for some at the dollar store and big lots. I could have used these overseas.


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      If you have a Dollar Tree store there, they have packs of 6 batteries for them.

      Originally posted by blkhawk21 View Post
      That is so cool. I'm going to look for some at the dollar store and big lots. I could have used these overseas.
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        Another cheap perimeter alarm are called pull string alarms. They're available through they come in boxes of 74 for $4.99 and are pretty loud approx. 85 decibels and they never run out of batteries. They may sound cheesy but they do work and they wake you right up, I had someone stealing stuff from my cooler while camping a few years back so I set a few up and caught the guy as he was running off. Turned out to be a kid from the next camp site took his pic and a pic of his drivers license with my camera phone and told him the next time I caught him I would call the cops. Never had another problem with him for the rest of the weekend.



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          Heck of an idea. I was thinking about this subject the other day. Great post.
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            I was at the dollar general the other day and found the same alarm only it had a light which if you set a few close together you can pinpoint which one it was.


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              Okay.... First the disclaimer. This thing is cheap and cheesey

              myakka on a first date?



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                Least I'm not trying to dump bodies!
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                  Nice and simple, I love it. Plus for the price you wouldn't be breaking the bank if you had 20 of these things around a camp. One of them would be bound to get set off. Also that leaves you lots of budget room for more security measures or other supplies.
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                    Thanks for the info I am going to buy an arm full fo these just incase.
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