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Uses For Pine Trees, Other Than Building Material

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  • Uses For Pine Trees, Other Than Building Material

    Pine trees are nearly everywhere. Why waste their potential by using them only as building maerial or fire wood. There are many other uses for them.

    Pine trees are easily recognized by their needlelike leaves grouped in bundles. Each bundle may contain one to five needles, the number varying among species. The tree’s odor and sticky sap provide a simple way to distinguish pines from similar looking trees with needlelike leaves.

    Edible Parts
    The seeds of all species are edible. You can collect the young male cones, which grow only in the spring, as a survival food. Boil or bake the young cones. The bark of young twigs is edible. Peel off the bark of thin twigs. You can chew the juicy inner bark; it is rich in sugar and vitamins. Eat the seeds raw or cooked. Green pine needle tea is high in vitamin C.

    Other Uses
    Use the resin to waterproof articles. Also use it as glue. Collect the resin from the tree. If there is not enough resin on the tree, cut a notch in the bark so more sap will seep out. Put the resin in a container
    and heat it. The hot resin is your glue. Use it as is or add a small amount of ash dust to strengthen it. Use it immediately. You can use hardened pine resin as an emergency dental filling.
    Pine pitch can be chewed or sucked on to relieve sore throats and eliminate bad breath. The warmed sap was applied to skin infections, arthritic joints and sore muscles.

    The sap can be used to help start a fire. It will burn even when wet.

    It has been used internally to treat kidney problems and tuberculosis.
    (I will post the more detailed instructions on this use when I get them.)

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    Great information, Thank You


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      Thanks cbp.

      Things are seldom what they seem.


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        good information to know (did not know about uses as dental filling)
        Sic Vis Pacem Para Bellum


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          really good to know. is there a good recipe for the pine needle tea?


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            1 hand full of fresh pine needles 2 boiling water 3 sugar to taste