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Yeast, Egg Substitute and more

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  • Yeast, Egg Substitute and more

    This is an email I sent to a friend earlier today and I wanted to share the links with my friends here at X.

    Here is a link for some prepackaged yeast with a good storage date....

    To make your own...

    Using flax seed as a substitute for eggs in baking.

    Making powdered milk taste better and more...

    As for the baking powder and soda, (wanted to know how to make their own), I have no idea. :( Here is a page listing shelf life of said products..


    Cream of tartar.. Cream of tartar comes from the inside of aged wine barrels.

    White vinegar or lemon juice, in the ratio of 3 times the amount of cream of tartar called for, will provide the right amount of acid for most recipes. But that amount of liquid may cause other problems in the recipe, and bakers have found that cakes made with vinegar or lemon juice have a coarser grain and are more prone to shrinking than those made with cream of tartar.

    If well sealed and stored in a dry location at room temperature, it (cream of tartar) will keep indefinitely.

    In my search, I came across these sites...making cheese from powdered milk..

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    Thank you for all of your leg work to find these wonderful links and for sharing of such useful info in the kitchen -


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      I added lots of very good info to my "book", Oz, thx much!
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        Great information, thanks so much for this.