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DIY Emergency Grain Mill

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  • DIY Emergency Grain Mill

    Complete article with instructions at above link..

    Emergency Grain Mill

    Whole-kernel grains or soybeans cannot be eaten in sufficient quantities to maintain vigor and health if merely boiled or parched. A little boiled whole-kernel wheat is a pleasantly chewy breakfast cereal, but experimenters at Oak Ridge got sore tongues and very loose bowels when they tried to eat enough boiled whole-kernel wheat to supply even half of their daily energy needs.

    Even the most primitive peoples grind or pound grains into a meal or paste before cooking. (Rice is the only important exception.)

    Few Americans know how to process whole-kernel grains and soybeans (our largest food reserves) into meal. This ignorance could be fatal to survivors.

    Improvised Grain Mill

    The grain mill described can efficiently pound whole-grain wheat, corn, etc., into meal and flour-thereby greatly improving digestibility and avoiding the diarrhea and sore mouths that would result from eating large quantities of ungrounded grain.

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    Very good info, thx Oz!

    Copied to my "book" and shared with other board.
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