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Grease Candle/Lantern

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  • Grease Candle/Lantern

    Based on the concept of the can stove, I built these. It consists of two bottom-halves of beer or soda cans, a piece of cotton sock upper, a soup can, and the grease from browned ground beef.

    1. Cut two beer/soda cans in half, and discard the upper half.
    2. Drill a hole in the center of the concave bottom of one of the halves (be sure it's big enough to feed the sock strip through.
    3. Cut the sock into a long strip, this will be used as a wick.
    4. Fill the other can half 3/4 full of grease, and smear grease all over the sock wick.
    5. Assembly; push as much of the sock material into the grease as possible, and fit the two halves together. This can be a bit tricky.
    6. Smear some grease over the extended piece of sock (sticking out of the hole). Lighting takes a little effort.

    The top:
    Cut the ends of the can off, so it makes a tube, then drill 4 or 5 holes close to the bottom of the can for vents. Next, cut out "windows" in the can, large enough to emit light, but not enough to cause a draft through the can which can blow out your candle.

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    Very nice! Thanks for the great pics!


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      Visinedroops can you post some picts to give us an idea


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        Thanks for the post, I'll have to make some of them.

        Now off the the store...:)
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