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DIY Solar Cooker

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  • DIY Solar Cooker

    Found this posted at HT and wanted to share with everyone here. :)

    This seems fairly simple to put together. I am putting this on my list of things to try.

    Windshield Shade Solar Funnel Cooker

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    Thanks, I might even be able to build this one.


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      solar cooker

      My brother has made several cookers but none that were so mobile! His were
      always a little more stationary. This is cool and I thin is worth a try. Thanks for sharing.
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        Awesome, thanks Oz


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          Eager to give that a try!


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            I have that same sun shade for my truck so I cant wait to give it a try. Oh man I am missing 1 thing ( the sun ). It has rained or been foggy almost 26 days out of the month of June and we are not going to see the sun until the end of next week maybe:eek:. I have used those sun shades as a cheap sleep mat, giving you some insulation from the ground but also it reflects your body heat back. I love gear that multi tasks. Thanks tons for that link.


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              good idea using them as a sleep mat too. I've seen these shades at the dollar store, if they still have them, I think I'll pick them up and try them out.
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                Good idea Omegaman, that is what I love about this site. I always find good info on idea's I never thought of, especially multiple uses for a product we already probably own.